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    Firestorm map (request)

    Question then.. mostly @ Buckles if he sees this, but if I delete all the stuff in the map file under "MY STUFF" would that be it? I just want the basic map but I wouldn't know how to convert the online version to skirmish.
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    Help with being good.

    As the needs for food goes down, the need for children goes up. You can't get both of them satisfied really - besides causing a short lived mercy desire if you attack them. As your village approaches and exceeds the housing capacity, the expansion desire goes up. From my experience getting good...
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    Firestorm map (request)

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody had the Firestorm map available in skirmish mode, without additional edits. It seems that the files available for Building Blocks and Island Hopping are fine but all I can find for Firestorm is a modified version within Buckles full eden map pack.
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    Made a new (active) hamachi network.

    Hmm.. too bad. I'm on most nights and would be up for a game or more. But yeah, it is rather inactive. All the more reason we need people that are willing to play matches ever to be on the network whenever they can be. I'm considering designing some online maps that are a little more fun to...
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    Maximum Prayer Energy/Power/Mana, Question

    Well.. you can achieve the desired effect anyways, though it requires more clicking. Just make miracle seeds, obviously you'll need a dispenser handy. AI Gods don't use them, but your creature might "use" them.
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    Made a new (active) hamachi network.

    I'll boot a couple people that never got it working and went inactive. Edit:You can always rejoin! 2nd Edit: I'm also in another rather empty network called "BWActive" (Ironic naming, eh?).
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    That's Odd (Land 4)

    You can make that village your's, but there is no point. The don't even have any miracles to use as far as I remember. Oh, and they are Aztecs. You first have to cure them of their curse, then you can get however much belief is needed.. though it might actually not work out that way. I took...
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    Wonder related questions

    I'd like to know what patch BrotherBear is running, and if his numbers for food and wood are accurate. I'm still under the impression that 70400 food/166000 wood is the max power you can get from Norse wonders (being 10x the amount), though increased food miracles should be more around...
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    Maximum Prayer Energy/Power/Mana, Question

    The Tibetan wonder does a potentially HUGE amount for spiritual shield power in terms of 1: how much energy they take to sustain and 2: how much energy they lose to damage. You obviously have enough sizeable wonders there for a strong effect. What this means is... your shields will drain far...
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    Clapping at Ending?

    Yeah.. I've recently been asked how to end this before but can't remember who, and have seen it asked on some forums, so yeah, seems an easy and instant way to end the clapping at the end of bnw1 is simply to hit the space bar. I have is assigned to the default action(zoom to temple) so it...
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    God damn creature!

    Lots of beating and a few lightning strikes should set em straight  :woot But seriously, what you're describing happens to a lot of people. What's going on is, your creature's need/desire to help your people is greater than any desire to eat/sleep. You have two approaches here, first, you can...
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    Civic Building Desire

    So it doesn't stop the crying villagers, but it does make them beg for mercy instead! And yeah, I know it's a little less helpful than Okapidragon's reply.
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    Civic Building Desire

    Uhm, don't you have lightning?
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    What would fit best for me?

    Which game are you playing? Black and White 1 or 2? Creature Isle?
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    Black and White 3?

    Seeing how the story for Black and White starts after pretty much all of the gods have been wiped out, Black and White 3 should be more along the lines of Black and White 0 in the timeline. Seriously, why start the series where you are basically alone and not out conquering 20-40 lands in a huge...