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    Any Fellow Gods Left In These Lands?

    Currently debating whether to dust off my Black and White 2 game and play it for giggles
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    What is THE funniest thing(s) your creature does

    My liger (evil lion) loves pulling faces at the kids in the creche and to eat a villager he likes to stomp on one first. At one point(which disturbed me) he stole a kiss from a skyscraper! He is at his happiest stomping on platoons... He is a sweetie.
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    New Turtle Skins

    19 downloads and counting!
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    Evil Hand

    18 downloads and counting! I forgot to show the palm tattoo the skin has
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    Lava Turtle (Evil)

    29 downloads and counting! Both Kays and SkelApe are correct. They know what they're talking about.
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    Lava Lion (evil)

    43 downloads and counting!
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    Dark Lava Tiger (evil)

    Wow 41 downloads and counting!
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    Son of a...!

    Tried the game legit and failed...I'm too slow at building and getting tribute.  I like the challenge of modding it. its more exciting than failing at the game. Yeah I'm slow and fail but I just can't be a second rate skin modder all my life.
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    Son of a...!

    Okay I found that it was the Verdant miracle that needed to be re typed and checked once, twice and again. Perhaps there is a cap that the overall total should reach, like 100,000? I still can't purchase signposts, hospitals, blacksmiths on the first land, depite having the tribute... I may...
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    BotG Trainer

    Lol, sorry 'bout that. I did it! Wooohoo! Well I downloaded it and it didn't work... I reckon Vista could be interfering with it. Or it just does not work. I just wish I was more tech minded so I could have a go at making one...That actually worked
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    Son of a...!

    I've been scouring the balance files and trying to work out where I've fluffed up (determined to mod this for when I've beaten it so I can be more than a skin modder) So far in the gameplay I found a booboo in the creature tribute section so far and  a big ? shows up in the first space saying...
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    Son of a...!

    You know I'm sick to death of getting the pop up box stating "Black and White 2 Application core has failed" Every time I try to buy a hospital (land one). Yeah I tried to mod the cost files /total due to wanting quick building due to failing too many times to get myself off the ground (and...
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    Tribe mod requests?

    I was asking about a Germanic tribe mod and whether it could be done... European barbarians! I loved both Egyptian mods/projects but the overall EM was better as the textures were well done. The Celts is amazing also. Still hopefully the Mongols will be made.
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    Mongol Mod

    Now That is awsome! Nice work SkelApe!
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    Tiger Unlocker

    I think you're the best at skins n' mods. Heh I'm keeping with the Egyptians as I love that mod. Keep up the good work!