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CachePackX 1.0.0

This is cool man and now i can get past the 3rd world, at last.
Thanks man.
What alignment do i need for max evil creature eg -1.0? or what? =)
Reply to Fiazco: Yes, that's completely and hopelessly evil.
Whoever created this or anyone who feels they can answer, plzz email me and answer me this: If I have Windows XP and when I downloaded this and installed it, I clicked an Icon in CachePackXCAB and Its asking me to Extract. Why???
Alright! I wonder if this can make my creature learn every spell too?
this roks!
is there any patch or download to make ure creature instently know every spell?
yep the update 3 has the creature teacher the best thing yet and this speaks for itself
does anyone know where i can download Bwedit 2.0 because i cant get in to
now no one can survive i am goin to kill evrybody yhe havek iwm going to do is anormes
how do I delete this? it makes my game crash cant use cheats :(
I was hoping someone might know what's wrong, when I try to run this after installing all that happens is a small rectangle appears and starts flashing, and when I try to run update 3, setup just causes the screen to flash for a minute and running bwedit2 opens something that just closes itself right away :(
Is there any way to uninstall the cheats, when they are putted on?
Example i putted the Dispenser-thing up, but i want to get it away, because it actually is freeking boring when the miracles are there
This program is great! It does everything I want. I didn't even know there was a good alignment, I thought neutral was good!