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CachePackX 1.0.0

Cache, you ROCK!!! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I was not truly a god until I found CachePackX.
where can i get bwedit 2.0?
googled fo it, searched msn, and yahoo.. cant find it
umm question, what the heck is BWEdit wait better one i dont realy care what it is, where do i get it, since it seems so vital to all the down loads
I get this problem

Run-time error '2147024770 (8007007e)':

Automation error

The specified module could not be found.
Where is the BWedit? It sounds great, but hard to understand, but I like the sound of it.
(I am Cowgirl by the way!) OMG! This is the best thing thats happened in my life. I am nervous about finding whats going to happen when I go on though. It's a good present for my birthday in 3 minutes and a day!
I see the cheats are still up at Kayssplace. Thanx Kays and Fenton_pat for keeping it going.
The closest for BW2 is the trainer.
hey does the "Dispencer CI" and "Increaser CI" work with the dutch B&W CI ? It's not a patched version still v1.23 .
Also does it matter in which directory to install the CahchePackX setup ? in other words do you need to install the setup to the B&W directory or doesn't it matter in which directory you install it .
Doubt any one still watches this topic, But, Is there any way to take off x-Desires?
Mmm, Well, Ive noticed having X-Desires on, Is hurtful. Seeing how you will still loose your food, ANd your people will starve to death. All X-Desires is doing is making me build smaller Cities. So, I kinda want to know how to uninstall that part.