Tribal Lands Skirmish Map pack By VandalBlueX

Tribal Lands Skirmish Map pack By VandalBlueX 1.2


I greet you as one god to another, I am Vandal Blue!!!

I created these lands for the community, to test skills and enjoy a good time playing black & white!
(Also to extend the skirmish maps options)

You start from the norse land, with a very easy map to the aztecs, wich are extremely hard to beat!

Please, download the 1.2 version! (See updates below)

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  1. Tribal lands Skirmish Map pack 1.2 By VandalBlueX

    Hello everyone! here comes a new important update!!! I created these lands for the community...
  2. Tribal lands Skirmish Map pack 1.1 By VandalBlueX Update resource

    NEW UPDATE 1.1 I created these lands for the community, to test skills and enjoy a good time...

Latest reviews

Amazing mappack with alot hours gameplay! <3
BUT, Level 8 Aztec God is impossible...

I have already started a number of attempts and have placed a new village center in various places with a 5-piece scaffold...
Once directly at the temple near the places of worship (so that my creature could help, which he only partially did as he often attacks my temple), once next to the temple on the sandy ground and once opposite on the beach area.
No matter where, after about 20-30 minutes of playing time, the enemy's sphere of influence is so large that you will be bombed away with a megablast!
So building near the temple is not an option...

Just for fun, I brought ALL citizens to the place of worship right at the start of the game to pray so that they wouldn't be killed by the massive lightning wave & wouldn't be "converted" by the enemy creature there (which happens very quickly, since every village center only has ~ 150 faith and you lose everything quickly) to hope that the storm will stop soon...
Wrong thought!
Didn't work!

So there's no alternative left... there's a storm in the entire area and unfortunately you can't place the existing scaffolding that far from the existing village centers WITHOUT being too close to the enemy, otherwise you'll get another megablast hail receives!

The level is really "diabolical", but in my opinion it's "too" diabolical because it's really impossible to gain a foothold there!

There is certainly a very specific (rare) point from the creator (through tests) with which you can really build your village, but I think it's far too long to "test" each individual point, which always takes about 20-30 minutes too expensive...
This level is certainly "doable" without cheats, but "figuring it out" will probably take longer than the actual playing time if you have managed to build a village.

Maybe there is a tip from the creator as to where the best place to start?! ;-)

Unfortunately, level 9 is buggy and after a certain time you always get a game crash at exactly the same time! (Save point was created before and the crash occurs after exactly 15 seconds).
Unfortunately this map is not playable!

Otherwise very very good maps and certainly a lot of work! :-)

A “reissue” would be LEGENDARY!
The maps were really easy to play and it was a lot of fun!
Unfortunately, there are almost no good, “bug-free” maps left.
I would also like to create some myself, but the maps I created myself wouldn't be as much fun as those made by other people, since you know all the spots, villages, wonders, etc....

Hope this is a sufficient review! :-D

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Always loved these maps since you brought them out, thank you so much!
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Everything before the Aztecs is great. Enjoyable skirmishes with enjoyable maps, and the terrain can make for some fun cities.

The Aztec map is just flat out not good though. The constant lightning will inevitably kill all your villagers, especially with the giant wide blasts. The enemy creature loves to just linger there and mess with the tribes, whether actually impressing them or launching extreme storms at them for fun. How are you even supposed to just "leave the starting area"? Frankly all the maps were great up until this one. I didn't even bother with the demon god one, aside from the massive amounts of effects that bring the game engine to a crawl I'm sure it can't be any more enjoyable.

The African god map I think has a definite crash. I'm testing it out another time to see if it'll happen again but every other time I've played it before, it usually starts crashing at a particular point.
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Great Maps, allows a lot of extra hours of gameplay by a great map editor. Each map is simply amazing, the end game maps are kinda crazy in regards to what it gives the enemy ai but I think this is just because the ai only has one mode I assume in the BW1 original, non-CI expansion. GREAT MAPS DOWNLOAD NOW!!
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Super fresh content from a master map builder!
One suggestion: there are no fish on maps :( I like fish.
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Checked out the Norse & Celtic map and both are great. Some of the miracles are a bit same-y but that is also an issue in official maps.
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