Black & white 2 Sacrificial land Restoration

Black & white 2 Sacrificial land Restoration 1.1

Hello everyone, this is the restored old cut land from black & white 2, not much of a mod, but a mod that brings oficial content back.

Used a working version of boxhead land 10 (wich uses the original land 10) sculpted the land, re-done the scripts and make them work like the vanilla game (if you were playing the game for the first time, you wouldn't see the diference)

- A new desertic, unfertile wasteland awaits you, this is the lost land that devs didn't finished, so they justg skip this one, now it is fully recovered, playable and perfect for playing! note that this content is official and canon, commanders talk about this land and the island itself is skipped, so this will fill a huge plot hole!

- This land doesn't have problems and is not invasive, so it can be used as a new patch or oficially launched, perfectly compatible with vanilla game.

- complete voiceacting, using the unused land 10 dialogues already in the game in all languages!

- See readme for more info ^^


- Whole remake/finish of the land, adding lighting effects, better building placement, better landscape mesh, huge bug fixes, navmesh fixing, navigation fixes, wather fixing, sun, water and sky colours fixes.

- Fully playable from start to finish, no major known bugs at the moment, so go ahead an play this lost content in the bw2 game

- fully scripted, script bugs fixes, music added and better performance for actual bw2 gameplay, land can be fully stressed/destroyed- modified without major bugs.

Hope ya like this restoration!
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