What is THE funniest thing(s) your creature does

my lion last time crapped on the floor, few seconds later i look at the poo again and it is being eaten by horses, my lion gets jealous and grabs it to eat i smack him so hard the poo lands on lethys temple and destroys the city XD call that kissing i call that outrage im glad my lion doesnt kiss other things ewww what a sight  :rolleyes  :shocked
My creature in B&W 1...well...he was picking up a rock...then he was just looking at it. Then all of a sudden he ate it and threw up. :shocked!

Another thing was when he ate the beach ball...he grabbed it and ate it...>.>! Soo much for the quest... :laugh2

But one of the funniest was when he picked up a villager and threw him towards a girl villager. :happytears:! I cant forget that time...and that male was a desciple breeder. :laugh2! I guess he wants them to have babies...his way. :happytears:! Avert your eyes. :laugh2
The latest.. was in the norse Island, I never seen him standing there for a long time. I'm just getting things build up.. I saw him close to the wall furiously angry know the norse soldiers are standing there. So Rocky did the same!! He's stands there also!  :shocked I tried moving him away, but keeps walking back to the wall ready for battle!  :happytears:
This only happened once. I once gave my Cow, Ali Baba, a toy ball to play with. He ate it because he was 4 percent hungry! Later, I gave him another to play with. He ate that one too!  :happytears: I slapped him after both times. :)
Once my tiger hit itself with a extreme fireball trying to hit something behind him, the funny thing is that why didn't he just turned?
In B&W1, I had George at the start of the game (Lion mind move after finishing solo play).  So I'm listening to the dang boat people, thinking how much I don't care what they need the sun is coming up and I need to go get George to do his laps around the temple with a rock, when all of a sudden I see a Flying Object Incoming!


The boat people go rolling with screams (song keeps going of course).  The flying object that sent them rolling and screaming?

George's Teddy Bear tossed from where he was tied up in his pen at the temple.

Oh YES!  My little baby has one heck of an arm.  That's my boy!  What a good boy!  If I didn't have to listen to the end of this song I'd be belly rubbing!  :D

Heh!  I think a long time ago, in a Tiger training session...  I did actually sometimes kill the people.  It was shortly after I got the game.  Couldn't figure out why my hand was turning ugly, I thought evil had it right for once when it came to certain things.  :devil

My turtle (George) kills a creature in battle and as its laying on the floor about to die, he does his special move which is he leaps up high, spins and crushes the enemy creature with the spikes on his shell. Thing is, he does this about 5 times when it deals no damage. After a while he gets bored and leaps on him, punching him repeatedly until it dies... its funny to watch =P
i casted the shield miracle around a couple of trees and then my lion got right up to the shield and launched a fireball at it and it hit him instead of the trees. :happytears:
My creature just waked up in the middle of the night, walked down a ramp, picked up a rock, walked back up, walked to behind my temple, and tossed a rock into the ocean. Strange at first, after I heard the seagulls and watch them fly away - it made sense! xD

Poor cow, he just wanted to sleep silently! xD
For similar reasons, I believe that's why alot of my creatures zap the lovely white brids flying around my good temple.

For ages, I couldn't understand it, until I zoomed in on a little black spot on the ground after one such an attack.  I though the bugger had started zapping worshippers when I saw he started his first cookery lesson by making fried Dove :shocked !
My liger (evil lion) loves pulling faces at the kids in the creche and to eat a villager he likes to stomp on one first. At one point(which disturbed me) he stole a kiss from a skyscraper!

He is at his happiest stomping on platoons... He is a sweetie.
"Your creature is nice"... ???
While hes casting Megablast on my city! :laugh2
My creatures are in the habit of zapping the bats flying around the temple at night. Not funny, but rather annoying.

The funniest thing one of my creatures did was to kick a tree into the air. And then proceeded to water it while it was still in the air.
In BW2, my evil cow has a habit of setting fire to trees. It's annoying since their's less wood for building but it's funny to see the villagers try to put the fire out (but they don't burn  :angry).
Otherwise before it attacks platoons, it pull's a funny face in a yoga position and then roars (strange for a cow :upside).
Creatures do the craziest things sometimes.  Like my evil leopard, Diablo.  He got fed up with listening to those singing sailors, so he decided to poop on, and then EAT the guy with the accordion!  I LOL'd at that.  Diablo is also OCD about his beachballs and any trees near the village.  He goes around and picks up all the balls and puts them in his pen.  There's hardly any room left for him to sleep.  As far as the trees go, he rips all them out, and leaves them laying on their sides.  Not a single tree is left standing!  And for some reason he hates cattle.  He throws and/or stomps on them.  Funny thing is, I've never seen him actually eat one...  :laugh2

Once Angus pooped on a building.  When I gave him a good slap, he fell on the house!  After he got up, he gave me the most convicing look of guilt and embarrassment I've ever seen.  It was awesome.