Game crashes when going through portal to world 2 (Black&White 1)


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Jun 30, 2021
Hi. I'm having trouble with going through the portal at the first world. When I click the scroll I go into the cutscene but then the game crashes, presumably when it tries to load the next world. It's kinda frustrating since it didn't save and I have to redo a whole bunch of stuff.
Anyone knows why the game crashed? I am on ver. 1.42 with creature isle ver. 1.24.
Any reply would be helpful as I really want to continue playing. Thanks!
Same issue, cannot go to World 2 no matter what I do. When I click on the scroll, I get the error message and the game crashes.

If anyone has a fix for this, I would love to give it a go. First time trying to complete this game as back when it came out, I simply didn't have a good enough PC to run it. :)


UPDATE: I was able to bypass this by downloading BW Ultimate. I can finally experience the second island. Amazing! :)

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