Black & White: Ultimate

Black & White: Ultimate v1.31

Black & White: Ultimate is a large modification based on Black & White: Creature Isle. It includes the original Black & White story, the original Creature Isle story and many other extra features, all in a single mod. This means you can play the original Black & White with all the features from Creature Isle!

Ultimate also includes some extra features, such as:
- A Custom Intro Menu
- Full Player Customisation (Colour + Temple)
- Hard Mode (original Black & White only, doesn't apply to Creature Isle)
- Improved AI (Hard Mode only. AI is far better as expanding, enemy Creatures actually attack others, impress towns etc.)
- Bug Fixes (such as a Pathing Fix for CI)
- Improved Multiplayer (Custom Colours, Custom Temples, Ally/Team support, Saving/Loading).

TLDR: Original + Creature Isle combined into 1 game, along with many new features.

----- Installation -----
1). Download Ultimate.
2). Drag and drop the "Ultimate" folder into your Black & White directory.
3). Go to "Ultimate" and launch "BWUltimate.exe".

----- Trailer -----
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Latest reviews

I loved this mod when I first began replaying B&W 1 after all these years but i had deleted it a few months ago. Now i have returned only to see that I cannot do any Skirmish at all. As soon i start one, the game closes automatically. Also my player symbol is stuck on the Circle. I clicked the Gold Story scroll to go Land 2 but my Creature disappeared into the Aether never to be found
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Thanks for mod and update this loving game.
But can we change hud langage ?
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I'm so grateful that i could play in my favourite childhood game again! Without this, my game wasn't saving my progress, and i had to start new game over, and over again.
The only problem I had is this, that BW Ultimate changed my subtitles to english, while i had BW in polish, and i couldnt change that.
Anyway, thank you very much! You made my day :)
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Works almost great! I'm very happy with that mod. Allow making black color please and also have a problem with scaling. I mean ie. when cliking on Creature i see half of its face... In fullscreen and in windowed. Any idea about that?
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Put this on my Steam Deck and almost everything works perfectly!

Only issue I have is there's no sound, did anyone else have thus issue by chance?
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Works great with HDProject! The only thing is that when I choose Hard mode, the game cannot be paused and the creature's hints disappear, you cannot find out what it is thinking about. How to fix it?
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There is a way to add Infinite draw distance to Ultimate??
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I was finally able to continue playing from the second island (game crashed when clicking on the scroll to leave the 1st island no matter what I tried).

Not to mention the patch that fixes the visuals is amazing, plus the fact we can finally play Creature Isle.

I salute you, Sir!
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Looks great, but is there a manual? How do i change the alignment in skirmish for example or take tyke to classic?
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Very cool stuff! I hope the multiplayer load/save gets fixed soon though, and stops giving errors literally each time we try to load a game.
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