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Football Addon 1.0.0

I think it's british so football means soccer, even though the british way makes more sense, cause football= kicking with foot, soccer= soccing someone,or somthing
nice little plugin, though i wish it didn't take so many scaffolds to make the field. =/
this is gonna be alot fun i got my first town having 5000 people in it was gonna use my creature who decides to mega blast extreme on my temple i think i can get that sheild up and see if they all go to soccer feild would be an interesting game and i am on level 5 noones on internet games as screwed so something to see
In most of the rest of the world it's called football. Only americans, and middle/upper clash English snobs refer to it as soccer.
i downloaded the file and when i trie 2 install it it says that i havent got black and white installed...Is this donwlaod for black and white 1 or 2???
Once installed the add on, how many scaffolds are required to build the football field (i use six and only creates a food field).
How do you use this? I tried to install it but it says I need an upgrade. What does this mean?
how the hell do you put 8 scaffolds togeather?? pleeeease help!!!
Uh... You just combine eight scaffolds. You drop one on the other, then another on that one, until you have eight.

I'm understanding your question right, I hope? Eight is the largest you can do. Note that you do need the addon.

We don't talk much about the cracked version here, because that's not exactly legal.

Also, I don't think it should have any problem, just FYI. I think it changes Data files, not the executable.
As Okapi said, we don't encourage the use of the cracked game here.

I really can't say for certain how the football addon may or may not work on your cracked game.  I would guess that depending on how the game was cracked, you may have some success.  But the only way to know is to try it out.
maybe he's using vista or 7, where the football and village banter addons don't work. by the way, i've purchased this game twice in my life, i still have the discs, and i use a crack.
Yeah, but we still don't encourage its use. I use it with the disc in my CD drive, even, since it's the last CD I used.  :p  But most people use it for illicit reasons.