Diskussionstpic for the Mega Mod

You got an awsome mod keep it up I do hope to see new features and updates for it in the future
I would say, that now I begin with the final island of my Genesismod and I hope, that the first Alpharelease (with all Lands) is in the next two months.
But afters this release, its possible, that i continue my work on my Mod for little Updates and fixes of some problems. So I think, that its good, when somebody ask me for a test-beta to find errors, to help me. So I can release my finished mod faster.

Ask me pls in PM, but Skype or ICQ are better.
I would you give al link to the first Upload of my Genesismod on a Mirror!
Genesismod v.1.00a: http://uploaded.net/file/6lgx5f7i

I hope, that I can give my Mod to the Downloads of Kayssplace!
My newest Vesion of the Genesismod is avaiable. You can download Version 1.50 with some Bugfixes on the Storymaps. Because, my big is to big, I have upload a mirror-Downloadlink for my Genesismod.

On the Future I want to make more little Updates for the Genesismod. And I want to upload on thee next months my sourcecode of the Genesismod.
I'm glad to see that you are still actively modding B&W. Great job!

You must love B&W and modding.  :)
In the next time, I want to make a Update for my mod.
By the way, I want now to complete the translation into english, but I still need help for this (the besst way is somebody, which have skype for example, but I not longer use ICQ).

If somebody want to help, ask me via private message, ok?
Also I want to add some extramaps (10 maps) into my mod, which are optional to play, if they all are included, so that you can still play my mod without this extramaps (excluded one of this extramaps, which you have still to play).

In the next weeks I also upload a new Patch of my Genesismod, which fix some bugs.
Hello there.

I followed instructions to play genesis mod but now I can't enter the game without a window saying "lh has stopped working".

I copied all folders "Audio", "Data" and "Scripts" to the Lionhead Folder.

I cannot understand the shortcut thing. Can you please offer me instructions on this?
I think, that you have downloaded a old version of my Genesismod with bugs.
But I have upload a newer Version.
Here is a newer Version on a mirror: http://www.4shared.com/zip/Zf8yHlc1ba/Full-Genesismod_v151a.html
(The Version is to big for kayssplace)
I need to Update the link on kayssplace.
Do anybody know something about english translate of the mod?
I don't speak german at all. And i dont understand anything :/ pls help me
I am still translating the mod into english, but the problem is, that there is so much of text, that, if I do it alone, I need some months, perhaps a year, to finish the translation. I am still search for translators to help me.
I'm german myself but I speak english fluently so I can help you translating if you want to. :)
Of course! Because I have a friend here, we can sepak again at sunday about this, ok?
Sry, but I have problems, to write a PM to you...
Do you have a Chat client, where I can contact you?
I answered your pm however I'm not sure if you received it because I don't have any sent items.
Are there somebody else, who wants to help translating the Genesismod into english?
Kirays is a good help, but with more translators, the translation can to be faster finished!

Perhaps so 2 or 3 more translators?
YES, today the big Update of the Genesismod with some bugfixes, new extras, a new Island, better multipickup, new models and textures, new music and some more is avaiable.

Here you can download the file: https://www.4shared.com/rar/NkgpgZ4Rca/Genesismod_20.html
(I want to find some mirrors without download-waiting time, to upload the mod).

On the pictures you can see some of the extras and updates! Much fun!!!^^

(Because the Mod is to big for uploading on the Page, I make a posting here).

The Mod have an Ingame-Mapeditor too. Read the readme for more informations.

Here is an example Video for the Ingame-Mapeditor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRLjc6TEzfs

And very thx to . for his help with the models!^^

IMPORTANT: Copy follow file https://www.4shared.com/file/hLyT-g8Pca/dance.html
to your "\Data\Landscape\CreatureIsles" folder of CI, or the game crashes. I forget to add this important landscape file. With the next regular update, I add the file to the rar.
And for the Ingame-Mapeditor, here is a fixed file too: https://www.4shared.com/file/tUt4LKDdca/CreatureIsle-Mapeditor.html
replace it with the old file.
Woah, very impressive! The ingame map editor seems very good too, very nice work Kratzean :)