Diskussionstpic for the Mega Mod


Feb 13, 2006
I think, that I open a Topic for my Mega B&W-Mod with some descriptions.
At first i would say, that I have in my Megamod insert 9 new epic Wonders (like b&w2, but without the Orcanepic). You can see the epics on my Video from Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo8fPBtCEPE
At next I have maked a Tributmode with a lots of extras, for Example a Musicbox or a green tumb (to make trees very easy).
At next i have maked a extra buildingmode with five new buildings, for example a bombard tower. The next wat i have maked is a extended Skirmishmode, where you kann voyage to another lnad and you can have allies.
I have maked a new Wather and a new moon-grafik for B&W IDK!

The besst is the new Story.  The Special on my mod is, that the Stormymod and the Atlantismod is included. Moreover I have planned, to make a lot of new Worlds (Land 7 to Land 22). Currently i have Land15 finished and would Upload my fierst Version (v 0.5) of my Mega B&W Mod, so that you can play the Stormymodisland, Land7 to Land 15 and after Land 15 the Atlantismod. You make a big jump from Land15 to the first A.Mod Isle, because the another worlds are unfinished.

Before I upload my Megamod v0.5b, I search a person, who wants to test the Mod (the Story) for me, so that i can fixed any bugs.
Who wants to help me?

PS. You can discuss about my Megamod!

For those who aren't aware, Kratzean is Patrick Selter. For those still playing BW1, this is an opportunity to help someone who's contributed quite a number of maps and mods to this site.

Anyone up to it? :)
I do like the idea, but I don't want to sound mean, but some of your past levels I dislike. However I think you are talented at making maps/mods?, so go ahead.
Id like to try it :p hey, is this a mod for creature isle by the way?
I would upload the first Beta of my mod, when i have fixed two islands, ok? I think, that i can upload the beta this weekend, when i find no errors or problems. But the problem is, that my mod is in german. I would translate my mod, but i am not good enought in english, so that i would find some translators.
I'm reasonable in German, and quite good in English, my native language is Dutch, so, that's the reasonably same grammar.

I'd be happy to help you translate! ;)
Ok, now i would upload the first beta of my mod!

The official name of my mod is now the "Genesis mod"!

In this beta are inclused the Stormyisland, Land 7 to Land 19 and the Atlantismod Islands (1 to 5).
When I am playing my mod, i have a error with this messagne "Runtime error! Program: .....\CreatureIsle.exe    abnormal program termination" sometimes, when I am saving a game, who i am playing for a longer time on a map. I didn't know, what is the reason for this error. Perhaps my system, or my complette b&w game or my mod. I want to test to find this error. When the error is on my mod, i want to fix this error and upload another beta-version.

In my mod i have add a mapselect. When you hold the L-key, the V-key and the 1-key at "Kapitel 5: Stormys Ankunft", you can choose after the question about Lethis a Land of my mod with a secret menu. When you choose a map, you become enought tribute, who you become in the normal storyline (without tribute of silver challenges). For more help to the most of the new extras, press F2 in the game.

Very fun with the first beta of my Genesis mod (when the beta is uploaded)!
Wow. This looks pretty neat, but I still don't have Creature Isle. The good news is that I might finally get it soon.

Anyway, when/if I get CI, I look forward very much to this! (I'm rather surprised I didn't see this thread earlier.)
I want to say, that I have found some errors in some challenges in my mod, so that i want to say, that some challenges doesn't work correctly! In Land 14 is a mission with big Prison Pillars and one of this Pillars sometime not explode, because i have make a wrong radius for this Pillar. I have use radisu 2 on this Pillar and nor Radius 20.

I think, that it is better to wait for my next Versino of the mod, because then i have fix some errors!
Okay. I haven't gotten CI yet (still), so as soon as I get a solid address to eBay from I will order that.
Um...  If this is still going I might be willing to try and help test it.  Does this replace the whole Brotherhood of Creatures storyline or can you play both from the same install?
How can I activate your mod....when i enter CI put me on islemap....how does it work...pls help.
Read the Readme, ok? In the Readme I have add. how you can start the Genesismod!

PS: Perhaps I want to upload a new version with some fixes and new Lands at kayssplace!;):) But My mod is now very big....
A new Version of the Mod is avaiable! I need Translators for an english Translation!

Version 0.85b is avaiable with some Bugfixes! Look at the "Patricks maps" downloadsektion to download the new Version!

I need some translators, so that i can translate the German version into a english Version, ok?

Please help!!!
I can help translate, even if I (still) cannot play. I know a fair bit of German (among other languages), and my English is rather good, I'm told.
I have Skype (my Skypename is Bamelin. ) and I have a ICQ number: 612-568-892

Its very good, when a translator have this programms^^
Kratzean said:
I have Skype (my Skypename is Bamelin. ) and I have a ICQ number: 612-568-892

Its very good, when a translator have this programms^^

I added you
How is this mod going? I would love  to give this game a breath of life.

By the way im free for a lot of this summer and always helping a friend out with computing even if I don't program myself... willing to help with anything.