HD Project

HD Project 1.56 Final

This is a project to retexture and remake 3D models in B&W.
Im working in proces, but i hope, every body enjoy this project.

PLEASE!!! let me a comment with problems or sugesstions

Requires Fan Patch v1.42


⚠️If Khazar and Lethys IA Symbols doesn't appear just copy "data" folder on B&W installation Folder

⚠️BEAWARE: High Poly Models cuses little lag in game
(Don't copy runblack.exe to not install Infinite draw distance, this could fix lag)

⚠️ Doesn't work on Genesis Mod. Install Genesis Mod after HD Project

⚠️ Install Ultimate Mod before HD Project

--------------------------Original Contennt-----------------------
🖼️- Textures from AllMeshes.g3d

- Homes and public Buldings (Indian, Japanese, Tibetan, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Aztec, Greek)
- Tombs From Graveyard
- Town Totem (Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec)
- Celtic Male Adults (scottish kilt)
- Food and Wood piles
- Norse Adults (faces)
- Animals(Cow, Horse, Sheep, Pig)

💎- 3D Models from AllMeshes.g3d High Poly Models!!

- Added HD AllMeshes.g3d working on B&W Ultimate and B&W Creature Isle
- Added Custom player and IA Symbols on B&W Ultimate

- HD Tree Models!! (All Trees) This change a lot grphic experience!! Thanks to Kratzean, for those models.
- HD Rock Models!! ( Singing Stones, Pillars, Spike Pilar and All Rocks)
- HD Bonfire
- HD Creature Poop
- HD Dirt Crater (when pick a tree or where hit a blast)
- HD Signs
- HD Mushrooms
- HD Idol from land 2
- HD Rocks With Face from land 3 (Moai Heads)

🖼️- Textures from Texture folder

- ChooseSymbol.raw
- S_TileLandscape.raw
- S_TileLandscapea.raw
- Sky.raw
- Skya.raw
- smallbump.raw
- smallbumpa.raw

🖼️- Textures from CreatureMesh folder

- Hand_Boned_Base2.l3d
- Hand_Boned_Evil2.l3d
- Hand_Boned_Good2.l3d

------------------------Non Original Content---------------------
- More realistic Tiger Face by DjHaine ©
- Bigger and Brighter Eyes by TheDeeGee ©
- B&W v1.42 - Infinite draw distance by BardBun ©
- Off-White Good Tiger 0.2 By TheDeeGee ©
- AppleApe Leash By AppleApe ©
- Albino Tortoise By Silvester ©
- HD Tree Models By Kratzean ©
- Temple Styles By Kratzean ©

- Tribal Lands Skirmish Map pack 1.2 By VandalBlueX ©
(Added new Training Map)
- Kratzean Online Pack (From 1 to 4) By Kratzean ©
- Holy Land 1.2 - Play together Online By Minas ©
- Kapa's Land 1 Skirmish version By Kapa1611 ©
- Kapa's Land 2 Skirmish version By Kapa1611 ©
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Latest updates

  1. 1.56 Final

    - Final adjustments - Fixed some textures on CI and Ultimate
  2. 1.55 PreFinal B&W Ultimate and B&W Creature isle Support

    - Added HD AllMeshes.g3d working on B&W Ultimate and B&W Creature Isle - Added Custom player...
  3. HD Project 1.54 Maybe the last update

    - Added SandBox and creature Training Map (King of the Hill) - Changed Rocks whit face from Land...

Latest reviews

Hi Cannabico,

first of all, thank you so much for this! The game looks really pretty now.
Though I'm really missing the old symbols, mostly for nostalgic reasons. I know that tastes and preferences differ from god to god...
I have redone my favorites in a higher resolution and saved them as a .bmp to simply overwrite the new ones, but they don't seem to "stick" to my creature. I went to tattooing and there they get applied, but when I reload the game they're gone again.
Could you tell me exactly how to proceed in creating the .raw files for the symbols? Tool available to me: Inkscape, Irfan View (for viewing .raw and conversion into .raw), Gimp.

Thanks again for the pretty textures and thanks in advance for any pointers you have for a modding newbie.
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Loving it so far! Can't wait to see what other updates do
Upvote 1
These look awesome, can't wait to try them. It's awesome seeing work still being done for B&W. :D
Thanks so much Nym but in true was really easy to make this textures... i wonder why nobody did it earlier XD
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