HD Project

HD Project 1.56 Final

This is a project to retexture and remake 3D models in B&W.
Im working in proces, but i hope, every body enjoy this project.

PLEASE!!! let me a comment with problems or sugesstions

Requires Fan Patch v1.42


⚠️If Khazar and Lethys IA Symbols doesn't appear just copy "data" folder on B&W installation Folder

⚠️BEAWARE: High Poly Models cuses little lag in game
(Don't copy runblack.exe to not install Infinite draw distance, this could fix lag)

⚠️ Doesn't work on Genesis Mod. Install Genesis Mod after HD Project

⚠️ Install Ultimate Mod before HD Project

--------------------------Original Contennt-----------------------
🖼️- Textures from AllMeshes.g3d

- Homes and public Buldings (Indian, Japanese, Tibetan, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Aztec, Greek)
- Tombs From Graveyard
- Town Totem (Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec)
- Celtic Male Adults (scottish kilt)
- Food and Wood piles
- Norse Adults (faces)
- Animals(Cow, Horse, Sheep, Pig)

💎- 3D Models from AllMeshes.g3d High Poly Models!!

- Added HD AllMeshes.g3d working on B&W Ultimate and B&W Creature Isle
- Added Custom player and IA Symbols on B&W Ultimate

- HD Tree Models!! (All Trees) This change a lot grphic experience!! Thanks to Kratzean, for those models.
- HD Rock Models!! ( Singing Stones, Pillars, Spike Pilar and All Rocks)
- HD Bonfire
- HD Creature Poop
- HD Dirt Crater (when pick a tree or where hit a blast)
- HD Signs
- HD Mushrooms
- HD Idol from land 2
- HD Rocks With Face from land 3 (Moai Heads)

🖼️- Textures from Texture folder

- ChooseSymbol.raw
- S_TileLandscape.raw
- S_TileLandscapea.raw
- Sky.raw
- Skya.raw
- smallbump.raw
- smallbumpa.raw

🖼️- Textures from CreatureMesh folder

- Hand_Boned_Base2.l3d
- Hand_Boned_Evil2.l3d
- Hand_Boned_Good2.l3d

------------------------Non Original Content---------------------
- More realistic Tiger Face by DjHaine ©
- Bigger and Brighter Eyes by TheDeeGee ©
- B&W v1.42 - Infinite draw distance by BardBun ©
- Off-White Good Tiger 0.2 By TheDeeGee ©
- AppleApe Leash By AppleApe ©
- Albino Tortoise By Silvester ©
- HD Tree Models By Kratzean ©
- Temple Styles By Kratzean ©

- Tribal Lands Skirmish Map pack 1.2 By VandalBlueX ©
(Added new Training Map)
- Kratzean Online Pack (From 1 to 4) By Kratzean ©
- Holy Land 1.2 - Play together Online By Minas ©
- Kapa's Land 1 Skirmish version By Kapa1611 ©
- Kapa's Land 2 Skirmish version By Kapa1611 ©
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  1. 1.56 Final

    - Final adjustments - Fixed some textures on CI and Ultimate
  2. 1.55 PreFinal B&W Ultimate and B&W Creature isle Support

    - Added HD AllMeshes.g3d working on B&W Ultimate and B&W Creature Isle - Added Custom player...
  3. HD Project 1.54 Maybe the last update

    - Added SandBox and creature Training Map (King of the Hill) - Changed Rocks whit face from Land...

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Loving it so far! Can't wait to see what other updates do
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These look awesome, can't wait to try them. It's awesome seeing work still being done for B&W. :D
Thanks so much Nym but in true was really easy to make this textures... i wonder why nobody did it earlier XD
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