Black & White Unofficial Patch v1.42

Black & White Unofficial Patch v1.42 1.42

Before installing this please install both patches v1.10 and v1.20. Do NOT install v1.30.

For more in depth help on installing and running the game please visit this thread:

The patch does the following:
  1. Fixed game not running on Windows 7, 8, 10 due to Safedisc DRM.
  2. Fixed game crashing at resolutions higher then 1080p or on high DPI displays.
  3. Fixed low resolution textures and landscapes on PCs with high video memory.
  4. Unlocks all creatures, including the never released rhino.
  5. Fixed addons such as football addon not activating once installed.
  6. Fixed windowed mode.
  7. You can now skip the tutorial on a fresh install of the game.
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I'm back to play my favorite game after so many years and it makes me indescribably happy to see B&W supported in the modern age. Thank you sooo much. <3
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Thank you for supporting this classic game!
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Again, like the Fan patch of B&W2, This is also a Life Saver! So glad there are enthusiasts out there who love this game and have improved it vastly, even if Peter Molineux or Microsoft don't care about it anymore. Thanks guys! :):):)
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