Your Standard Unit

Which unit will you have as the main piece of your Army?

  • Infantry

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  • Seige Equipment(for fenton)

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  • Ranged(Archer)

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Mar 7, 2005
Yes I do enjoy making polls, but they have porpose. I'd say Ranged Units. I just love the scene of arrows flying through the air setting fire to cities, then calvery charging in to finish of those alive taking those who will be able to fight for me one day. Sounds weird as hell yes. But its a classic you gatta love it.
This will probably have to be a more generic RTS poll as I'm pretty sure B&W2 does not have cavelry.  If you like, I can edit the poll to say "Siege Equipment" instead of the Cavelry option.
Id probably say archers aswell :yes 
Infantry are a bit boring.
but did you say siege weapons pat hohohoho im gonna cause some destruction in baw2 muhuhahah :yourock:
ill all so say my creature tearing down walls hehehehe im gonna be evil then ive ever been evil before. :yes :laugh2 :evil
No seriously!!!!
Im gonna send in some soldiers first and archers like on top of the rock walls then siege weapons at the end. and then more soldiers to finish off the survivors hehe
I like the calvery. I'll just add seige equipment. But honestly no calvery? Whats an army without calvery?
No thats Ranged units....Infantry own calvery and seige. But they will be dominated by Ranged Units. GO GUNMAN! GO ARCHERS!
Well thats not for sure FoTD. Just what Pat says. Still a chance(though slim) it may be in game. Vote calvery if you wish.

And Psyko....I'll just have my archers equip fire arrows and then we'll see your guys burn themselves before they reach my archers. hehehehe. :laugh2 Trumped YA!
Kansai said:
Well thats not for sure FoTD. Just what Pat says. Still a chance(though slim) it may be in game. Vote calvery if you wish.

Cavelry is definately not in.  I was just slow to remove it  until another third option was put in.  A two option poll isn't exactly stimulating.  Removing the cavelry option.
Its not in the game and they never said it was.  SO GET OVER IT!  :p

:laugh: :;):

Besides, we have another unit...
The best unit...

The creature
Damn! I like having archers fire, infantry stand in front, catpults kill the gates then calvery charge in and kill the villagers! After my calvery charge i send half the infantry then seige the rest of the town with Archers  pursing any fleeing citezens. We leave no evidance of their exitance! They are to be completely Eliminated!

But as FotD said in the most ass way possible "Its not in game." Hes right they have Archers! Much better. Horrah for the creature? where'd that come from? I suppose the creature(if the kept the horse) would be my calvery......
But than what if the creature actually dies in black and white 2 and not revives at the temple like black and white 1.

They didnt mention anything about that i think. so does anybody know if it actually dies?

you meby have to restart from the last save thing or somet.
dont worry :)   he will jsut lay there dead (I thought I read it somewhere :p ) and you have to heal him and revive him or something :p   those guys arent foolish :;): everything will be perfect :)
For me the archers :)