Windows 10 64-bit Installation problems. Land 5 Ignored and Speech.lug error


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Oct 3, 2020
I hate to be that guy.
Coming here with a question like this. But I don't know here else to look.
I recently created an account here for this question alone as I believe this is my only hope. I have posted this question elsewhere too, but I noticed this might be my only option. It seems that the community here is slow, and I can expect to wait weeks for answers. But I take my chances.

So, Black and White 2 is considered abandon-ware and can be downloaded on the net for free on
I have no CD reader on my rig and as such I need to get things digitally.

I got Black and White 2 and I ran into issues. First, during installation, Land 5 is skipped, so when loading into Land 5 transition it crashes utterly and I can not proceed. Second, Speech.lug error occurs during installation. No idea what it is or what happens if you don't have it.

I run on a Windows 10 64-bit system. Not sure what else to add.
I have installed it on multiple locations, in D drive, C drive original path or on the desktop. No dice.
I tried installing in compatibility mode XP SP3 with administration privileges. No dice.

Anyone can help? I have noticed people have similar issues here, so I hope I might be there one who get's it to work.
Let's start of with the basics.

- what version are you using? (Fanpatches, Redux, etc.)
- Where did you install it?

I think I also got that message when I installed it, but the game works fine for me. Besides, if the issue was the Speech.lug file, you would have noticed that WAY sooner (It's very important for Dialouge and names and such).

One final tip, you can ask this on the B&W discord group. People are generally quicker to respond there.

Good luck!