What new epics would u like 2 hav in B&W2


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Feb 25, 2006
The epics are the best thing in B&W2 but wot new epics do u think they should hav?
The mega epic!

It includes all of the epics on a monumental/collosal scale! Something like A volcano. Massive volcano* appears in the middle of the land. Then a earthquake covers the whole land, killing everything, and the siren jumps out of the volcano. But shes bigger. And this tornado comes and sucks everything up. Of course, your city is totally protected, and you couldnt decide where to set it :p. wouldnt be too fair...and you could only use it once per land..and would probably use alot of mana..and would kill your FPS but what the heck :)
The thing that I missed most about black and white was that it had that mega blast miracle. It would be cool if they made that an epic miracle and had like a million megablasts rain down.
Yah.. and cause total destuctiom to a given area.

In looking throught he files there's three epic miracles which didn't make it to the game. One of them being Stop Time. I think that would be neat, freeze your opponent while you take over his city.  :laugh2
but the thing is if you stop the time then you can't take over village because the time is stoped and you can't move your army :shocked
I know the best epic... the O.J epic he goes and kills every single villager on the land even your own, but who cares... its O.J, O.J can do anything and get away with it, cause hes cool like that  :devil                WOOT NEW SIG MY SIS MADE FOR ME WOOT!!!!!