Villagers stuck in Town center despite Nav Ribbon use


New member
Apr 18, 2017

I have a problem, I edited the landscape of an existing campaign map and also moved the town center. After that I used the nav ribbon editor to mark where the villlagers can go.
When I play that map in game, all of my villagers are stillt stuck in the town center I cannot build anything... :-(
It doesn't seem to save to nav ribbon into game..

I tested something and edited land 4 of the main game by just adding a piece of landscape next to the player'S town and modifying it with nav ribbon (I did not move the town center!)
When I started the map, the villagers were able to walk around.

So I guess it has something do to with the fact that I moved the town center

How can I solve this?


Jul 27, 2011
Hi Wheezy,

I don't think this issue has anything to do with the act of moving the towncenter. As objects don't affect the workings of the nav ribbon (as far as I know).

I once had this issue, on a land I had made myself where I clearly remember creating a nav ribbon, but for whatever reason the villagers would walk into the towncenter as if there was no nav ribbon.

I realized that even though I setup a nav ribbon and save the landscape, the nav ribbon wasn't actually there. I concluded that when I saved the land, the landscape editor did not save or failed to save the nav ribbon.

So lets start there, could you load the land that is missing its nav ribbon into the landscape editor and double checking that the nav ribbon is actually there. If it is missing you simply need to re-draw it and save it again, and hopefully the landscape editor will actually save it.

I hope this helps.