Villagers not aging?


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Jun 25, 2015
I didn't notice it on the Norse land, but started to notice it on the first Japanese land. I played it for a few hours and before I left it for the next land, I had over 170 children and just 120 adults (most from the towns I've taken over).
I really noticed it on the second Japanese land, as I'm trying to do the alignment switch "quest" by being evil and sacrificing villagers I accept into my town (just so I can take their resources)- I digress. Anyway, I realized my adult population isn't changing at all. I had well over 70 kids until I decided to do a sacrificial culling due to housing problems, and my retirement home doesn't have a single resident. My female deciple breeders have throngs of one-year-olds following them and I've been playing on it for 2-3 hours.
I'm currently charging up my siren epic to get a flood of Greek men for my army (still not sure how Japanese soldiers turn Greek from that epic) and I'll see if the problem persists. Maybe it's just some weird Windows 10 thing, but this would be the first issue I've encountered other than my consciences interrupting each other constantly.
you need the 1.2 no cd fix from

Also make male breeders not female as 1 man can breed with many  women but a woman gets pregnant and she is done for awhile :)
Thank you for the patch attachment. I got a no CD patch before I started playing since my computer doesn't have an optical drive, but hopefully this one will fix the issue.

just use the fan patch, it'll fix most things wrong with the game.