Undead---God's BOTG help, Land 1


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Aug 2, 2006
ok, I have mental wisdom that I would like to share with all of you. Please reply, I accept all praise (I wish!) and criticism (that's more like it!). This is the neutral way to do it, i.e, not all evil, but not all good.
1-Start up your city (give roles, train your creature, make buildings, etc.) and rescue the men.
I advise making the turtle. He has strong defence which proves useful, and gets you onto the bonus land.
2-After a while, Xoatl (the undead god) sends his troops to you. They come from your old city, on the second Japanese land. You may notice that now there is a link between there and Xoatl's capital, from the volcanic eruptions. Remember this, it is important.
However, he can't send his troops to you if you've already destroyed them, can he? Throw lightning miracles there, and, if you can, lava miracles to block the path so he can't send them to you. when they are weekened, send in your creature to finish them off. Make sure your creature stops any more troops arriving there. Leash him near the centre, you have use of him.
3-While you are doing step 2, your population should have risen. Make an army, the size is unimportant. Send your army to capture your old city, and use your creature to defend your troops. Well done, you now have a vital asset. Build a wall and gatehouse by the mountain that leads to Xoatl's capital. No food grows here, however, so any people left should be taken back to your capital.
4-Build up your city, and have lots of dwellings, preferably skyscrapers, since we're going to capture some towns the good way.
5-Get as much impressiveness as you can, so people start migrating. There should be troops waiting at your walls now. Forget about them. When the migrants reach your walls, let them in, along with the enemy troops. Make sure you have lots of mana. As the approach, wet the area of the city that they will come into, and throw water miracles at them. As soon as they come in, send some sparks flying! When all the migrants have come through the gates, close them. Let more troops in now, since you've had some practice. If they don't come in, set your creature on them.
6-Now, get your creature to destroy all Xoatl's troops, and send him into his capital to destroy some of his city. This will lower the impresiveness, so it's easier to capture.
7-If you are a good god, well done! Just build some more and you've won. If you're evil, we still have work ahead.
8-Make sure your creature is trained in "the teachings of war", and set him on the undead gorilla. When the enemy ape has fallen, make two armies. Send one in the front way (near the prison) and one up the mountain from your old city. Make them stay outside the city borders, and when they're both there send them both at the capital. If the creature comes back or more troops are made send your creature at them. If your creature is killed, send on ofe your armies to attack the threat/s.
8-Well done, oh evil one, you have defeated him!

If you chose the turtle, click the statue that is on the opposite side of the land to Xoatl's capital, behind one of the cities that are there on a small mountain that is connected to the land by a small amount of land.