Still working on it?


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Jul 15, 2018
I recently joined this website in hope of replaying this game and re-inducing some of my favorite gaming memories.
  Unfortunately the game works but barely. It keeps crashing every couple of saves and I can`t progress past land 4.
So I`m just interested in whether this community is still alive or everyone said their final goodbye to this game.
  Is anyone even working on fixing this game anymore? :laugh:
The game seems to work fine for a significant amount of people here, But not all, a smal lgroup, myself included, have the same issues, cant run the game much and cant finish the campaign, and so far they dont respond to that. Iv never gotten any assistance. So my guess is they have finished there work, it works for most, so there happy.
An outstanding job to be sure, its just a shame for the minority i guess. Glad so many get this gem back on there playlist, i just hope someday someone comes alone and helps the rest of us, either here or elsewhere (gog/steam/ect ect)
Have you installed the fan patch?

How much have you modified the game?

One tip I can give: often and always safe your game!

Hope it can help
I have everything followed to the letter, i have tried every option vailable, and i have tried both modified and unmodified and nothing helps

i have tried saving every 5 min, but even tho that works for a little bit, eventually, suddenly, it crashes while saving and the save is rendered corrupt and i lose everything anyway.

Okay, the only thing I can think of that might fix it is a clean re-install. Something may not of been installed correctly the first time and its what causing the crashing.
Uninstall the game, remove everything, the profiles and every file relating to BW2 from the hard drive. Then reinstall it.
tried id say 3 to 4 reinstalls, and each time i cleaned my comp of all remains of previous installs, installed as admin and without admin, in a security free folder, ran in comtatibility and without, admin and without, and always with every patch. No fix
the fan patches are the only thing to make the games playable for me :)
Well i think when you passes the 1000 citizen mark ... BAM ! crashes ! when saving or loading.