Skin request(s)

Training like that takes a long time and a lot of patience. If someone has the time and skills to do that, they probably wouldn't need to ask for help... I only have one creature that operates like that without intervention, and it took years to work out all the kinks. He's a zombie sheep, BTW. :cool:
Really? :S It didn't take long to teach my creature that... took as long as it did to teach the Mega blast.. which took about 25 mins.. eh  :rolleyes
Does your creature do everything you want him to without a problem? Never "accidentally" torching your own kind while making kissy face with the enemy? And you don't need to use a leash to correct him, right?
Because if that's the case, you were probably lucky. There were several times where I've tried to train a creature to do something like that, and it would seem fine for a few hours of gameplay, but then when I leave him alone the creature would go nuts and start frying the nearest friendly stores and curch.
And Mega blast in 25 mins? Must not have been a Tiger. o_O

Gorilla skin: Like I said a couple times, this thing is pretty much done. Has been for a long time... I'm not sure what happened to the requester, as he hasn't replied to my PM or anything. So any input from other users on what this skin should be like would be appreciated.
99 percent of the time he'll do what I want and what he's supposed to do, but if i leave him on a leash usually conpasion one, he'll starve himself and deprive himself of sleep. Also In CI he'll get distracted by tyke, but other than that he does what I want him to do and he'll never attack my villagers. He's never eaten one I don't think, either.

Nah, I used an Ape to teach him that...was painful, it was like training a tiger though I had to show him twice for him to gain 1 percent each time...
Well if you leave a creature on a leash, of COURSE he will do what you want... I'm talking about a free roaming creature that takes care of himself and doesn't cause harm.

Yeah, you think teaching an Ape MB took long? If it took 2 tries each time to get 1 percent, that's 200 castings... Since the Tiger is about 5 times "less observant", that means it would take him 1000 times. :suspect
Actually, I recall raising a Rhino not that long ago. Little *@&#% likes to use the spell on animals by the temple until he would get knocked out. Anyway, it didn't take 1000 tries, but it did take several days.
Ouch, I wouldn't of even bothered. And I didn't convey myself properly, what I meant was when I leave him on the leashed to the village store when I don't need him. Thats the only time I leave him on the leash, or when I'm playing online so he can fight the opposition apart from that, I'll let him free roam and he'll impress/be kind to my villagers and feed himself, sleep for himself etc.

Business is "booming" again so I really don't have much time for this site anymore. I'll check every now and then to add descriptions to the hand skins as Kays uploads them, but that's about it. If someone really wants a skin done, you can e-mail me(check my profile). Just be as detailed as you can on what you want and maybe provide a reference pic.

I posted this in this topic because it's the one I take part in most, and yeah. It's kinda related. :suspect
Well, I have some free time for a couple days, maybe even all of next week. I don't know if I'll be making any new skins, but I will probably upload the rest of my old ones. I think all that's left are leash skins and eyeball skins.
I have a skin request and it has been on my mind since the game very first came out.

The above image was one of the very first pictures i ever saw for this game. It was in pc gamer one week, since then i was like "wow the evil ape looks amazing".
When the game came out i noticed that the look they went with was (imo) nowhere near as cool. Has anybody ever tried to make anything that looks closer to this? must include the pure red eyes (not the silly looking eyeballs) and the rounded ears (not the rediculously pointy ones the vanilla evil ape has).
Tinkering with the models themselves (changing the ears, in this case) is generally something regular ol' skinners don't usually do.  Not to mention the program to do so for BW1 is pretty buggy.

Sier's "Devil Ape" looks pretty close to the one in that early screenshot.  Check it out here:
Look around the Downloads section first to see if what you're looking for is already available.  If not, I have the time to do a skin.  Hopefully Windows7 will run the L3D Viewer and associated programs.