Runtime error


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Mar 7, 2023
I’m at map 3-4. It started crashing continuously after I built a wonder, mostly trying to teach my creature stuff and micro manage the map, sometimes it just crashes but sometimes it crashes while auto saving. Game has been running fine until that point, it’s really sad :( followed instructions meticulously, can’t play for more than 5-30 min. If it crashes while saving it’s the correct picture but the save is old.

EDIT: Sorry for not much text, was written on phone.

Also let me say that you did an amazing job with all of this and the guides, and i do not intend sarcasm here, I'm probably just unlucky i guess. :) Thanks! This was probably one of my favorite childhood games. I had a few runtime errors when going through portal to new world but once i tried again it worked, other than that the game has worked pretty well until now. Does it have anything to do with wonders causing crashes? Cause it started happening constantly after i built mine. It's the stone circle wonder.
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