Permanently remove building?


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Aug 7, 2022
I built a village in a stupid place, up the path to the volcano on the last land! Now I can't finish the game because it gets stuck on the last cutscene. I think the buildings are blocking my creature from going up the path? Smashing the buildings didn't make a difference, it seems their "footprint" still exists and it's as if they were still there. Anyone know a way around this or am I stuck for good? 😬


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1. Maybe try teleports on either side of the buildings? Though since it's a scripted movement, that might not work.
2. Try getting a tight pile of several big rocks, light them on fire until they glow white, then drop the pile on the places where the buildings are, and add more fire.
(Artifact boosted Native American wonders can boost the lightning miracle to the point it can erase buildings with a tap. Unfortunately you can't get that on land 5, and I don't know if the other damage miracles can be boosted that much.)
Thanks for the tips! Using fire rocks seemed to completely remove the buildings, but the cutscene still gets stuck. I tried the teleport, but I'm not sure how to get the creature to enter it. Guess it's one of those things he needs to learn how to use? I'll keep playing around with it, hopefully it'll work.