One Shot Miracle Dispenser


Feb 6, 2023
I just recently started playing BAW after an almost 15 years of hiatus, so my recall of how the game behaved before are a little faded. Currently I am still on the First island, because I am trying to raise a "perfect" Titan.
You have these One Shot Miracle dispensers that you gain by solving scroll challenges. I keep plucking the miracles to teach my creature how, when and where to use them. I use a large number of each and I started noticing that some of the dispensers are going into disrepair. And with that they stop producing miracles. I can put wood ad builder disciples next to them and then they fix them up well, but have not seen miracle bubbles coming out of them. Am I missing something here? Or am I just not patient enough for them to "heal"? Does it have to do anything in the amount of belief I have?
Thanks, Denes