No longer after reinstallation can I create disciples


New member
Jul 19, 2018
Hey guys, I've been playing BW2, then thought to myself to install the Redux mod. The text and voices were random so I uninstalled it. I installed the game back again but now I cannot create disciples, now I am stuck in the land where you can build, because the tutorial tells you to create a disciple farmer but those guys don't get the shiny colors when they are above the field.

I've tried reinstalling it thrice, installing patch 1.3, deleting appdata and profiles. Nothing worked. I've tried googling but couldn't find anything. Did anyone come across this problem? I'd really love to play the game of my childhood once again. Thanks for any help!

EDIT: So I've fixed it somehow... How? No idea, but what I've done was going through some of the tutorials on the land where you choose your creature and finished the Aztec invasion land, as well as setting the game for Windows XP SP2 compatibility. Not sure what was the problem but damn son, I forgot how broken the game is :DDD