No Loading After PC Restart


New member
Jan 21, 2024
I've got the base game on disc from the good ol days.
I've tried to install on a windows 7 64 bit laptop but obvs wouldnt work.
Installed patch 1.0, nope; 1.2; nope. Unofficial fan patch - Yes! Finally after all this time It will work! Played for maybe 30 mins. Completed Creature tutorial. All fine. A bit of a glitch with Apes hair going wild and going on an adventure to the top left corner of the screen whenever I looked at him, but exit game and reboot. Working fine.
Problem began with reboot of the laptop.
No administrative permission so ran as admin.
Still wouldnt boot.
The process showed up but no application startup.
Removed everything and re-installed the same way. Worked again but wouldnt on laptops reboot.
Please help!