Need Help With Everything


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Jan 29, 2021
Hey all, I'm new to the forum. I used to play Black&White a long time ago but never really got in-depth with it. I'm trying again and I am trying to train my creature right as well as get it to grow but it's very frustrating. All the different micro elements are never explained. I need help with the following:

1. Can someone please explain how the percentage system works on reward and punishment. I'm trying to make it so my creature is not too greedy and lazy. But I am unsure how to get him to only eat at say around 50% (as I heard that they start burning fat after that and they need a bit of it) but I don't know if I let him eat something and then reward him to 50% and then he will only eat that at around 50% hunger or if I punish him to 50%, most messages are just that "he won't eat that kind of thing as often" not that he won't eat less or more overall. I also want him to only sleep when he's around 70% energy (I'm not sure what a good number is) but I don't know how to encourage him to sleep at that number.

I also want him to sleep in his pen but if I pet him before he sleeps or after he sleeps then it just says "Your creature will rest more" and etc. Not that he will use his pen more. I figured out how to encourage him how to sleep at night, but the game is bugged so I had to work around that. If you reward him after he sleeps at night it will just say he will sleep more. You have to get him in his pen, make him sleep until 0% then wake him and have him go back to sleep himself then reward him when he wakes up.

I want to stabilize his fat at around 30-35%, how do I do this?

What food works best for growth?

Any help would be appreciated.