My research on unused content from both games (links, highlights and screenshots)


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Apr 19, 2022
I browsed throught snapshots of Planet Black and White with WayBack machine and also GameSpy dev diaries with Artstation without the machine, and found a lot of interesting stuff. You can browse these sites yourself if you wish, but there's the highlights and screenshots of the most interesting stuff I found.

African and zulu tribes
Greek were the first tribe originally
Norse had skeleton army spell
Bronze quest scrolls for first B&W
Achievements gallery in your temple for things such as beating other gods, and being able to travel throught time and space to those moments
Croc creature (re-used in Creatures Isle)
Naming your creature
No direct control for armies in B&W2 and the disciple leader
Building walls throught gestures
Other gods
Bull and deer creatures
Wind miracle
Turning fireballs into lava
Tsunami miracle
Much more weapons
Bringing your creature from the first game
Trading between lands and docks
5 sequels... AAAAAAAAAAA
However there's still white spots for the first game, such as:
Disciple protector
Docks civic building
Puzzle Master character
Fourth leash in form of chain


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There's also white spots for the second part, in form of Doomsday, WOMD, Verdant and Stop Time epic miracles.
I continued my researches and there's more things!

1. More disciples. Protector - most likely was meant to protect from hazards like wolves. Housewife - did various home work. Leader - not sure what it was used for besides leading the tribe. Shepherd - it is actually used, but cannot be created manually, and it's purpose is to slaughter animals.
2. Builders required food.
3. Three abode ranks (shack, tent, hut).
4. Windmill building.
5. Temple building. You might say "but we have temple", but because temple is called citadel in the game files, it should be a new building.
6. Desires for playtime, sleep, relax, rain, sun, repair and wonders.
7. Wonders were originally built if followers had no desires.
8. Desires were located at the village centre.
9. Soccer pitch required six scaffoldings and was used to low down playtime desire.
10. Mechanic of making worship sites more "interesting", so people would worship you harder.
11. Puzzle master that guided you throught game.
12. Unknown armageddon miracle for multiplayer (most likely the same that in populous).
13. Guide was originally unable to speak.
14. Gremlins are actually cursed villagers you could cure.
15. Multiple field types.
16. Worshippers could feed themselves.
17. A lot of miscellanous dialogue changes.
18. Alternative purpose for unused bronze scrolls: they were meant to give you various information.
19. Ark that you could trash.
20. Unused quests: whale one where it could swim away or go on the ground; caretaker one where it should've saved his chickens; wack-a-villager, most likely whack-a-mole like game; bowling.
21. Norse referred as vikings.
22. Description of various temple buildings.
1. Much more story.
2. Egyptian tribe (iirc it was used for the first land, but it was most likely originally meant to have greater role in game).
3. Disciple manufacturers for creating weapons.


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Thanks for this! Bummer that most of the story didn't make it into B&W2, I found that part of the game lacking and it's interesting to see that more was planned.

Also, going through the audio files for B&W, seems like there's quite a bit of dialogue that didn't make it into the game. Not sure if this has been documented somewhere already?
Thanks for this! Bummer that most of the story didn't make it into B&W2, I found that part of the game lacking and it's interesting to see that more was planned.

Also, going through the audio files for B&W, seems like there's quite a bit of dialogue that didn't make it into the game. Not sure if this has been documented somewhere already?
Not sure. It isn't documented on The Cutting Room Floor, biggest wiki of cut content from different games, so I think you better add them to it to Black & White page.
It wouldn't surprise me if the script research had already been done, but got lost due to whatever site/forum it was on going defunct over the years. 😞

By the way, I think the audio files match what's in InfoScript2.txt which makes going through it all easier. It seems there's quite a bit of unused/changed dialogue, here are a few examples (although for some of these, I'm not sure if they were cut from the game or just didn't trigger during my playthrough):
  • Alternative version of surrender speech from Lethys (see HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2, the version that's in the game is HELP_TEXT_L3_LETHYS_GIVES_CREED)
  • Nemesis and Lethys scolding their Creatures, in which they refer to them by their names; Ichor is the Creature of Nemesis, Laetes is the Creature of Lethys
  • Nemesis commenting on why you can't win, depending on if you are good or evil (HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS)
  • Exposition from Nemesis on Creeds... fusing three creeds of the same alignment unlocks Eternity, the ultimate power (HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED)
I haven't looked at everything thoroughly yet, these are just some that stood out to me. And if anyone recognizes them as actually being in the game, let me know where!
Thanks for the link! I was going to try editing the page, but it seems you need to create an account... and in order to create an account, you need a Discord account... so maybe another time. :)

For now I'll paste the lines here instead:

Land 3 alternative dialogue: Creature freed

Different version of dialogue when freeing your Creature; notably, Lethys refers to his own Creature by name and punishes him in some way:
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_L3_FREE_CREATURE_01", "He's free! We've saved him!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_L3_FREE_CREATURE_02", "Boy, we had to fight for it, though.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_L3_FREE_CREATURE_03", "Laetes, you were as pathetic as my supposed followers!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_L3_FREE_CREATURE_04", "Take your punishment.")

Land 3 alternative dialogue: Lethys surrender

Different version of speech Lethys gives when about to be defeated:
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_01", "Yet again you're too strong for me! I beg for mercy!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_02", "Please spare me. I have only one Village left. I will give you Khazar's Creature's Creed.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_03", "I'll give you the part of the Creed I took from Khazar's Creature if you'll let me survive.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_04", "And wait! I know a land where you can find another Creed element!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_05", "It's where you started. And the Creed lies within the body of the Creature you befriended.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_06", "I'll open a Vortex to take you there. But spare me. Let me go.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_LETHYS, "HELP_TEXT_LETHYS_SPEAKS2_07", "No! Without followers I cannot exist!")

Extra Nemesis Creature fight

Seems there was an extra scripted fight with Nemesis' regular Creature, Ichor (possibly replaced by the Mirror Creature fight in final game):
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_01", "Retreat, Ichor. The Village is falling.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_02", "You have failed me many times, Ichor. There can only be one more chance for you.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_03", "Nemesis is giving up the fight for the final Village!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_04", "Look. His Creature's retreated to defend the mountain.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_05", "But we'll have to deal with that lethal black cloud before we can get our Creature close enough to attack.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_06", "We'll have to find a way of moving the cloud to let our Creature get past it.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_07", "The fight's brewing!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_08", "We're winning! I don't believe it!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_09", "We lost. Incredible disgust oozes form my every pore.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_10", "Ugh. We can try again when our Creature has recovered somewhat.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_11", "We won! Nemesis' Creature is beaten! Victory!") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_12", "Yep. Was there any doubt? It was down to me, after all.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_13", "You failed me for the last time, beast. My revenge will not be denied.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVIL_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_THE_BIG_FIGHT_16", "Hey, Boss. We're strong enough. Fight past Nemesis' Creature to get to that Mountain.")

Extra Nemesis dialogue (not sure if these are in the final game or not)

Nemesis commenting on why you can't win:
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_01", "Our battle gets ever more fierce.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_02", "And you are proving a worthy opponent.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_03", "But you are too evil. People will always respond to good.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_04", "You may be a god but ruling by fear is never right.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_05", "You will never truly have the spirit of the people on your side.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_06", "But your goodness is your weakness. People demand strength.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_07", "They understand force. They know pain.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_08", "You will never have true believers without fear.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS_09", "So do your worst and do your best. You can't win.")

Speech near end of story:
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS3_02", "Good. Creatures always let you down. I despise them.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS3_03", "I have one Temple left. Will you sacrifice your Creature for it?") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS3_04", "You have the three parts of the Creed.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS3_05", "To use this, the greatest of Miracles, you must send him up the Mountain.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS3_06", "To his death.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEMESIS_SPEAKS3_07", "Is victory really worth that?")

Nemesis explaining Creeds (victory speech?):
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_01", "Before I banish you to the void I will tell you how close you came to becoming the ultimate god.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_02", "Had you sent both Creeds and your Creature to the volcano in my realm you would have triggered Eternity.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_03", "The power you'd have unleashed would have burned your worship into the minds of every human.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_04", "When the three Creeds of the same alignment, be they black or white, meet there, they fuse.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_05", "And an Eternity of ultimate power as the only god is the result.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_06", "I cursed your Creature to change his alignment.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_07", "To make him similar to me instead of you.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_08", "You have two of the Creeds and with the third inside your Creature,") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_09", "You would have had Eternity in your hand.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_10", "But I have proved too powerful.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_NEMESIS, "HELP_TEXT_NEW_L5_NEMESIS_EXPLAINS_CREED_11", "I have stopped you, changed your Creature and now it is over.")

Unused Creature Isle stuff

Eve's Tyke training feedback scroll:
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_10", "Hello there. Tyke seems to like you.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_20", "Don't be alarmed, It's me. Eve.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_30", "I'm sorry for not showing myself.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_40", "Perhaps we will meet face to face later.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_50", "In the meantime, though, please look after Tyke.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_60", "I'll be watching how you treat him.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_70", "If you come back here I'll let you know how you're doing.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_80", "Just use this scroll to get my opinion.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_EVE, "HELP_TEXT_EVE_TYKE_INTRO_90", "Good luck. I'll be watching your parental skills closely.")

Tyke's home (you could store Tyke in his home using a leash; this appears to have been replaced by the "Creature minder" in the final game):
ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_TYKES_HOME_10", "Bring your Creature here when you want to detach him from Tyke.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_TYKES_HOME_20", "You can trap Tyke here until you want to release him.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_TYKES_HOME_30", "You can Leash Tyke here so your Creature can explore on his own.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_TYKES_HOME_40", "Drag this Leash to Tyke to bind him to his home.") ADD_TEXT( 1, HELP_TEXT_NARRATOR_GOOD_SPIRIT, "HELP_TEXT_TYKES_HOME_50", "Use the Leash on Tyke to toggle between him following your Creature and going home to rest.")