Mouse issues to be aware of at high refresh rate


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Nov 20, 2023
Just something I discovered that I wanted to give a heads up on. I could be wrong, but I was wondering for a while why certain things felt "off" playing the game on my modern machine.

  1. I'm unable to give a "light" slap to my creature no matter how gently I move the mouse.
  2. I find it really really difficult to correctly "double click" on miracle seeds
  3. I cannot throw a fireball straight for the life of me, it will veer off at crazy angles.
it seems to be that playing on a high refresh rate / high resolution monitor causes these problems. Forcing my 144hz display to 60hz massively improves these issues for me.

I could be wrong of course, if someone knows a different cause for this issue I'd love to know. But this theory seemed sound to me and I thought it might help others understand why they're having these kinds of issues if they are.
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