~ Minas's little Map Tutorial ~ (with Photoshop)

the map must excatly in the middle of the image try to scale a bit smaller and put it more in the middle of the picture!
That just a pic of the .raw....
I uploaded it compressed (.zip), since I can't upload it as a .raw.
hmmm no problems with it, maybe you start it with macOS  :(

Wow, what the!?
How did you get that to a .lnd??
If your question is am I running Macintosh, then yes!
Sadly, it either does not know that the files it's asking for is actually in the folder it's looking at, or it has the previous problem...
Could it be made into a .dmg?  That's Mac's equivalent of a .exe!
Oh, and I tried making a .txt file for "AppleApe.lnd" it has citadel on it, and the other things, but it crashes when I try to open it,
and bwsurveyor does not work on Mac either.
thats sh*t :(. I have no sourcecode for the programm, you must ask "Andux" he have made the programm.

i dont know if he can convert it in a Mac Version.

But if you have finfished your .raw you can send me and i convert it in .lnd (and open it with BWSurveyor)

send to: aias[at]online.de

edit: i fond this: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/22636/crossover
It's as finished as it's going to be in photoshop elements 4.0.  :p
Thanks, I uploaded it compressed again.
I put two in there, in case one does not work.
Also, I will check out "cross over"!  :D
At the moment i'm at work, but tonight or tomorrow i will do this!

I have solution: Maybe you cab run on Mac OS a Virtuall Machine? On this Machine you can install a Windows XP!?
Thanks for the .lnds, but I tried putting .txts to one of them, however, it crashed.  Would it be possible to find some cords for a temple?
Just recently I got the B&WWorldMod to work on a nearby Windows, so I can do some mapping, but no .lnd creating, yet.
If you are talking about dual booting, yes, I have looked at that (after all you get Boot Camp assistant free with Snow Leopard).  :laugh2

It's working now!
I tried installing BWSurveyor on the Windows,
but it says (when I open it) "wrong OS or OS version".
It's running XP and has service pack 3, and (as far as I have seen) it can't do anything "3D".
It has B&W on it, (so I can run the World Mod) but it does not work.
I am so frustrated, my photoshop skills are extremely low and I have so many map ideas!!!  :help
Practice makes perfect.  Try your ideas out, draw them up, and learn from each attempt you make!
GallopRider said:
Practice makes perfect.  Try your ideas out, draw them up, and learn from each attempt you make!

yeah, it's starting to look like something (finally :D)

EDIT: Landscape final product:

Only the script is missing, I'll be working on it when I have some more spare time, thanks Minas for the useful guide and GallopRider for the cheerful comment :)
Well, I tried this again in Windows 7, and Lndromat doesn't work!
I open it up, find and click on the .raw (height map), click Open, and it shuts off!
I don't see a .lnd anywhere....  Anyone know a fix?  ???  :banghead