Map 1 Request *begs*


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Feb 25, 2005
Could someone mod map one to have a working worship site? I could do the rest just editing the text. I'm good at figuring out text scripts, but I lack a working map editor. I tried downloading a german mod from but all it adds is a worshop where a house used to be, and a bit of wood and belief (I could have done that myself!).
If you want a working temple in land 1. All that you need to do is to change:



Have you tried using the BnWExpressMapEditor?

And to add a worship site:
CREATE_WORSHIP_SITE("1908,2496.60", 7, "PLAYER_ONE", "NORSE", 3000, 1000)
No Luck

In fact the temple goes messing when I do that. What I was looking to do was take land one, leaving it mostly unchanged, but with a place to worship for miracles.
if you are meaning to change land1 one on the regular game and not skirmish that could be a problem because the quest scirpt lock this level as learning map and  some things can't be done there like artifacts and WORSHIP sites you only can do that if you will change the orginal script of the game quest
Ooops I was taking the changes from my Land 1 map and I forgot about this. :blush

CREATE_PLANNED_CITADEL(0, "1915.05,2508.89", 0, "PLAYER_ONE", 36000, 1000)

and change it to:
CREATE_CITADEL("1908.00, 2496.00", 0, "PLAYER_ONE", 4000, 1000)

If you change the :SET_LAND_NUMBER value to 0 then any of the land maps used in the game can be used as a skirmish map. Provided it's placed in the Playgrounds folder.
:O Damn. I've edited so much on the default Land1 map. I set up scaffoldings and everything... Hmmmmmmmmm I have an idea, I can turn all the houses into instant seed miracle disensers.
Hey wait! Anyone know how to get rid of hand demos? I have an idea!  :angry:
you can't get rit of it in the game you could make it skrimish map and than you won't have any problem
I would Sirus, but I don't have a working map editor. I'm having to go in and edit by script, because the map editors won't run properly or won't save without error messages. As a result, I just had to come up with a way to turn the right objects into miracle dispensers. It wasn't too hard once I realized I could use villager starting positions, the locations of houses, and tree locations. It was just a matter of figuring our which set or coordinates were which.
Try this.... If your really interested in Map scripting, this is a great guide
Nauge I wish I had this when I started. I learned to read all the script without a single hint of such instructions, I just looked at what was in the files and figured out what they represented. This makes things easier, I didn't even know I could add in an african village.
I've tried countless times to add a worship site to Land 1, but the demos, such as building your temple, crash the game. To build a worship site, you must already have a built temple, according to the game's script. I don't think it's really possible to mod land 1 to have a working worship site, and a working temple.
I don't think it's really possible to mod land 1 to have a working worship site, and a working temple.

Download and try my training map if you don't think it's possible. :yes
What you can and cant do on the various lands is not coded within the LandX.txt it is elsewhere ....
True, in the game you can't. The game script controls the map. You can build a worship site. But since you can't raise the totem, they won't use it. :)
I dunno much about mapping, But i got a worship site on land one without making it a skirmish, but i had to remove the game script, so basicially its just like a skirmish map.

Same difference  :p