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Land 10 by Boxhead 1.0.0


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Mar 1, 2016
Boxhead submitted a new resource:

Land 10 by Boxhead - This is basically the unused land 10 fully scripted from Black & White 2.

I created scripts for this land a while ago and decided to upload it.
I also included all the uncompiled scripts I used.

Before you install it, I recommend you to make a copy of your whole Black & White 2 folder.
In order to install it, just copy the content of the "game data" folder into your Black & White 2 folder.

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So I did as you asked. I copied the content of the "Game data" Folder in to my Black & White 2 Folder....but......

1. What about the "Modding Folder" ?? Do i copy these contents as well?

2. how do you actually access Land 10 in black & White 2, this hasn't been explained either??