Ideas for an Expansion - The Big Wish List


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Sep 29, 2009
I had some ideas for an expansion of this game. The expansion would ideally be set on a big sand box map, sort of like creature island, with a lot of towns, events, quests, and scripts. Very few areas should be off limits to city building, and they should only be areas with repeatable misc games like bowling.

New Modes of Play
The expansion should give you a new way (a good way) to capture villages, rather than simply accepting them into your own village or turning them away. You should be given the option to allow them to join your city, or to keep their old city and join your religion, or simply turn them away and conquer them. It should also include Multi-Player and Sandbox Map mode, and possibly some form of Skirmish map mode.

New Creatures
Four new creatures should be added, such as the Gorilla, the Goat, the Sheep, and the Bear.

New Miracles
Two new miracles should be added, such as the Storm, and the Blizzard miracles.

The Storm placement would function like a shield, producing a storm with deadly bolts of lightning and strong winds that knock units down, or if thrown a small tornado that lasts a couple of seconds.

The Blizzard Miracle should work the same way, only have heavy sleat and ice knock down and slightly damage units or a massive burst of ice freeze them if thrown.

Tribe Choices
They should also let you choose your tribe, between the Greeks, Japanese, Norse, and Aztecs. Each tribe should have certain strengths and weaknesses. They wouldn't have to make every building unique, of course, the Cretch, Sky Scrapers, Mansions, Villas, Retirement Homes, and a variety of other buildings should be just like the greek ones, or very similar to the greek ones, but each tribe should have it's own Bath House and Temple, and each should retain it's already existing houses. Some other buildings such as hospitals and armory should have an altered appearance, but function the same.

The Greek Temple would remain the same, only it would heal visitors who visited it up to 150% health.

The Japanese Temple would be an Ancestral Shrine that visitors would meditate at, and it would feed villagers who visited it.

The Norse Temple would be a Druid Circle, similar to a mini-stone henge. People dancing there at night would have increased fertility.

The Aztec Temple would be a bloody alter atop pyramid steps with a gathering place at the base of the steps. People would dance there as a eagle priest sacrificed animals and made it rain, watering near by fields and trees and increasing worshipper happiness.

Bath Houses
The Greek Bath House would function the same, only it would also increase the efficiency of workers who visit it on and off throughout the day.

The Japanese Bath House would be a Geisha Salon, and would function the same as the current Greek Bath House, only it would increase fertility of those who visit it on and off throughout the day.

The Norse Bath House would be a Feast Hall, and would function the same as current Greek Bath House only it would feed those who visit it on and off throughout the day.

The Aztecs Bath House would actually be a Slave Pit, in which villagers could be imprisoned to produce ore which could be gathered from the building. Slaves would cost food like Soldiers, and would still age. Slaver workers would collect slaves for the pit whenever one of them died.

Each should also have a unique wonder building, which in addition to normal properties would also have bonus properties and allow the training of passive units that would wander the village like normal villagers, but would provide entertainment during times of peace and protection during times of attack. There could only be one Wonder per map.

The Greeks would be geared towards Neutral and Good Gods. They would have the Great Temple Wonder (similar to the Temple of Zeus) which would strengthen the power of the Fire, Water, Lightning, and Storm Miracles, and also make the Verdant miracle permanent. From it you could train up to 20 Hastai Warrior Priest, decent armored fighters with capes armed with spears who would lead villagers in ceremonies praising you during off hours, healing them and drastically increasing their happiness.

The Japanese would be geared towards Good Gods. They would build a Daimyo Castle Wonder, which would increase the range and strength of the Healing and Life Miracles, the strength of the Shield Miracle, cause all trees to grow 20% faster, and cause villagers to age slower across the entire map (reaching old age at 85). From it you could train up to 20 bald Bushi Samurai Monks, decent fighters armed with swords who would lead villagers in meditation during off hours increasing their health and increasing their fertility.

The Norse would be geared towards Neutral and Evil Gods. They would grow a Great Oak Wonder instead of building a building, with four stones marking the corners keeping the plot size consistent. Similar to Thor's Oak, instead of Wood and Ore it would require Sacrifices to grow. People would naturally sacrifice grain and live stock to it at the cost of food to make it grow faster, but you could also sacrifice tons of villagers at it to make it grow until it was fully grown. It would provide a bonus to all resource production and refinement, with the bonus increasing until it reached maximum size (increasing all production and refinement by 50%). From it you could train up to 20 Seax Druids, average fighters who would use their Long Seax to sacrifice cattle at the tree in front of crowds of villagers feeding them and increasing their fertility.

The Aztecs would be geared towards Evil Gods. They would build an Aztec Pyramid Wonder which would hold captives like a prison, increase the prayer power generated from sacrifices by 200%, and increase the duration of the death spell by 200%. From it you could train up to 20 Eagle Warrior Priest, excellent fighters who would round up any citizen over the age of 80 and take them to the pyramid, sacrificing them for prayer power at night and making it rain within a large radius of the temple, increasing tree and field growth.