I little bit of ideas for how Black & white 3 may look like

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The game itself in my vision should be more close to the first B&W than the sequel, and be more of a god game in general.
The same that B&W has, but with features from B&W2, such as rotating camera with the middle button or quick zoom within double click to make things more convient. Because of that, no more clumsy menus and toolbar!
No changes, but now using animals as a food is not evil (but evil to sacrifice them). You also have now 3 ways to play: the first one is for both evil and good gods and you need to impress other towns, no matter if with good or bad things. The second one is only for goodies and you need to make your towns impressive to make people from other place move to you. The third one is only evil and you need to to just raid other towns with armies. More info below.
Villages and people:
Of course, multiple tribes should come back! It was a great idea to separate them and add different miracles and wonders.
People now will have also a new desire, stone, as the new resource appeared. Desire flags also should move to the village centre, as it makes more sense.
Disciples and professionals;
Now, besides the disciple, you'll also have professionals, that you can create with the special civic building, school (see below), and that will glow with blue. But you can't create professional breeders, missionaries, worshippers and soldiers, because first two have non-physical skills, and the other two are selected by the village centre and play the much more different role than the others. Here's the list of kinds of work:
1. Forester collects wood.
2. Miner collects stone.
3. Farmer collects grain.
4. Butcher slaughters the animals.
5. Fisherman fishes for fish.
6. Craftsman moves wood from the store to the workshop.
7. Breeder creates more people...
8. Missionary spreads your word at other villages, impressing them.
9. Worshipper worships for you.
10. Soldier fights with enemy people and buildings.
Belief and impressivness;
Belief works the same way. You gain it my showing your god powers, no matter by good or evil means. But there also will appear the second parameter, impressivness. You can increase it by keeping desires low, building a lot of high-leveled buildings and having artifacts. People with lesser impressivness will move to nearby impressive towns, but the proccess may slow down if the town has a lot of belief in their god.
Works the same, but now you can also manually make people worshippers and not only by the totem.
An element from B&W2, but less deep and direct. Now, you'll have to make people soldiers at the village centre, just like you do with the worshippers, but you still can choose manually. Then you place the flag, select where you want your troops to walk, and select mode, such as aggressive stance (attacking anything and everything), passive stance (attacking if they are attacked) and attacking the zone (attacking everything, but in the strictly selected area). Different tribes will have different warriors.
Works the same way.
It should come back. It was such a great idea, to have a "centre" building where you have all the important stuff instead of boring menus. Besides already existing rooms, including the future room, that went unused in the main game, but need to serve the purpose of announcements of future updates, there may appear player profiles room, mod loading room, multiplayer set up room, vortex room to travel to the past lands (I'll talk about it in the "Lands" section), achievements room (I'll talk about it in the "Miscellanous" section) and just play ground room where you can have fun with your powers or test them. 6+6=12 in total, but because temple has not enough space inside, it could be divided into two floors. But there's an important change: new temples can be built by using 8 scaffoldings. These temples will require much more resources than the first temple you built, but will take all the damage directly and not transfer it to other buildings. Even with it, new temples will give you a lot of pros, such as quickier access to creature pen and the worship site, or, most importantly, more chance to survive.
No changes, same as B&W1, they still increase your powers and can grow by either artifacts or belief amount. Can vary in amount of wood and stone required.
Miracle dispensers;
Though they require not too much wood to build, by their small physical appearence, they require hell-a-lot of time and builders, by their complex and great divine appearence. Now you can also not only store, but actually make them produce miracles by casting them several times, until they'll remember, juts like the creature does.
Village centre;
Requires a lot (compared to other buildings) of stone, because, in fact, these are made of stone and a bit of wood. Now villagers desires (food, wood, stone, defense, mercy, expansion, civic buildings, offsprain) are here. You can also manage the amount of worshippers and soldiers here.
Resource gaining buildings;
The most common one is the farm. It just grows the grain. But you also have fisherman's house (increases the chance of fish school to appear), corral (used to make animals breed and grow faster), greenhouse (used to make trees) and mine (used to make stones).
Civic buildings;
1. Village store. Used to keep your food, wood and stone in safe. Flags have moved to the village centre, so now flags here show only the amount of space left for resources. Requires some stone.
2. Workshop. Used to turn wood into the scaffoldings. Has its own wood desires flag. Requires some stone.
3. School. New important building, that is used to turn disciples into professionals, that will work faster. Just click at one of the flags to select the work you need to teach them. Requires some stone.
4. Graveyard. Used to store dead bodies so people won't mourn and spend their time that they could rather spend on work.
5. Creche. Used to keep children safe, motivates people to offsprain more.
6. Hospital. Used to keep injured and sick people safe and heal them without the divine help.
Small and large abodes;
No changes, but large abodes now require some stone.
AI in the first part was incredible! I'm sure, if we can't make it better, it should be the same level, and not like in B&W2. Well, not much more to say. Well... Maybe add the choose of gender? Why actually not, just a player preferences thing.
Of course, there should be more creatures besides the starting ones. But not THAT more like in B&W, because they barely differ. Everything should be in the reasonable limits. The emphasis should be on ensuring that the creatures are truly different, each having different combinations of pros and cons, such as how fast they lost their stamina and health, how fast they get hungry, how fast they move, how fast they learn new things and miracles, how easy they learn their lessons, how big damage do they have, how many objecta they can keep at once, for what distance they can toss objects etc etc etc. After replaying the game, you should be able to choose not only the starting creatures, but also other ones that you unlocked while playing. If you didn't, then you can choose only the starting ones until you'll unlock at least one new creature.
The same mechanics: your creatures has a queue of actions. Click on the enemy creature, your creature will hit it, click on the creature, it will block, click on the land, it will move, draw a gesture - you won't cast the miracle, but your creature do if it has learned it, but it will have a line of enegy, so it can't cast miracles all the time. The old battles were rather boring and you could win only by spaming hits and maybe healing time to time. Player needs to actually BATTLE in the BATTLE, and not just click a lot and hope that their creature will make the hit first. There should be also more battles in form of silver scrolls, with different conditions and enemies, and with the rewards in form of those creatures that you just fought.
Same three leashes (aggression, compassion, learning), but also the neutral one for free will.
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Miracles and worshipping:


Worshipping will work the same. You build the worship site and please people's desires in food, rest and worshippers. System will change a little bit, though: now, like in the B&W2, you use not the prayer power, but rather the mana. Mana for each of the tribes will be separated, and for each mana type you can use only miracles of the same tribe. Not too big change, to be honest. Gesture system also will stay. Here's the list of miracles:

1.2.3. Food, wood and stone. Just give you the resources.

4. Water. Extinguishes fire and enlarges plants, including grain.

5. Heal. Heals the ill and injured beings, including your creature.

6. Disease. Poisons the living beings, slowly killing them.

7. Build. Builds unfinished buildings, but still requires resources.

8. Physical shield. Protects from rocks, fireballs, lighting bolts and extraneous animals and people, as well as your creature.

9. Spirutal shield. Protect from any divine power.

10. Collection. Increases the speed of resource collecting, as well as the maximal amount of them in your hand.

11. Forest. Creates trees.

12. Rock. Just a rock.

13. Fireball. Creates a fireball, that sets things on, well, fire.

14. Lighting bolt. Zaps all nearby objects.

15. Storm. Creates a powerful wind, damaging everything on its way.

16. Mega blast. Blasts on small area, making a lot of damage.

17. Hypnosis. Converts a little of people to your side.

18. Flock. Just highly impresses your people.

19. Pack. Creates a pack if aggressive wolves.

20. Swamp. Creates a nasty swamp for some time, stopping people from walking into it.

21. Birth. Makes women pregnant with new children. Don't even ask how.

22. Beatification. Makes town more impressive for a while and removes the swamps.

23. Bait. Highly increases the chance of appearing of fish for some time.

24. Animals. Creates random farm animals.

25. Shrink creatures. Makes your creature little.

26. Enlarge creature. Makes your creature big.

27. Enrage creature. Makes your create angry.

28. Calm creatures. Calms down your creature.

29. Freeze creatures. Freeze it for a while.

30. Invisibility. Makes your creature invisible for some time.


Besides the normal, increased and extreme, now miracles can be ultimate. To increases the highest miracle level, you need to use tribute. You can change levels my clicking on a miracle icon multiple times or drawing multiple gestures. Miracle dispensers and and creatures can also use them. You can create one-shot leveled up miracle by merging them, like you do with scaffoldings.

Epic miracles;

They unlocked as you collect the first part of the creed. Each tribe has its own epic miracle. While worshipping for it, they can't produce mana, so you can't use miracles forever. The worshipping itself is very slow, but becomes quickier with each new piece of the creed. The list of epic miracles:

1. Armageddon. Turn all your villagers in certain village into soldiers, and send them to the enemy village to see an epic battle cutscene, where the stronger side wins.

2. Fire rain. Make a REALLY nasty weather for your enemies and send them a raining hell!

3. Earthquake. Make the earth shake, destroying all buildings on it and killing people with their broken parts.

4. Tornado. Send a tornado that will eat up all the objects on its way and then throw them away!

5. Siren. If these are too evil for you, then the siren village is a hypnosis miracle on steroids. It creates a siren at certain village, highing up its impressivness to the Olympus for some time, making all nearby villagers from eveny towns literally run to you.

6. The almightness. Very highly increases the amount of time you can spend outside your realm for some time, making you almost, well, almighty.

7. Kings' dinner. Creates some food, but unlike the normal one, it has golden color. Only a little amount of it can fed up a lot of villagers.

8. Primary matter. This glowing white substance even in small amounts can replace a lot of stone and wood, serving as an alternative for both.


There will be around 10 or 12 land, first of which is a tutorial, and the second is semi-tutorial. But the best part is that you can now travel between them by using the vortex room in your temple. You can transger resources between them as well, but with a high lose. If all of your temples were destroyed, it's not a 100% game over and load the last save, you will come back to your previous land to reaopen the vortex and go to the next land with new power.

Objects and resources:


Besides food and wood, we now have stone, that is collected via rocks. Be careful and do not crush anything! Also, we now have mana of different tribes for casting miracles, and most importantly, tribute, a true essence of your people's love or fear. It's more not of a currency system, but rather of an upgrade. You can unlock higher leveled miracles for it.


Golden scrolls are story ones, silver are side quests, bronze are tutorials and platinum... Wait, where's the platinum? It unlocks after you finish the game at least once. Because you already finished the game, by using platinum scrolls you can skip certain parts if you wish so.


Just like in the first game, these are objects that can be charged up by people dancing around them, but with a difference. Now they are not just random objects, but certain ones, and they bonuses can vary. Some artifacts do better one things, others other things, but in general, they all used for:

1. Increasing belief.

2. Increasing impressivness.

3. Using as an infinity sacrificing objects (you can also sacrifice them, but they will only lost their charge).

4. Enlargening buildings. Not only wonders, but also abodes and civic ones for increasing their capacity.


There also hidden chests in different spots in the world that can contain various things, including creature toys for making it happy and avoid it playing with people or their resources. And finally, there are mushrooms that can poison food and creatures and unpoison them. Different poisons have different effect, like just killing, making sleepy or even more hungry.


Game also will have achievements, because, why not? And also that exploit with constant pausing and unpausing should be fixed
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Actually, it turned out that creature already can cast miracles in battles, so it's not a new idea. My bad, sorry.
These are some neat ideas. What I'd like to have in B&W3 is altering the landscape, kinda like Populous 3 and From Dust!
Btw you mentioned you'd like to rotate the camera by the middle mouse button like in B&W2, but you can do that in B&W1. In fact, I can't imagine playing the game without that feature. Doing it by keyboard or the rediculous mouse camera adjustment would be horrible!
These are some neat ideas. What I'd like to have in B&W3 is altering the landscape, kinda like Populous 3 and From Dust!
Btw you mentioned you'd like to rotate the camera by the middle mouse button like in B&W2, but you can do that in B&W1. In fact, I can't imagine playing the game without that feature. Doing it by keyboard or the rediculous mouse camera adjustment would be horrible!
Didn't expect to see a reply here, as I nearly forgot about this post. I do agree that my ideas are great, though my english had some problems at the moment. About land altering - I absolutely agree, it would be great to see it, but I'm not sure if as one of the core game mechanics (which would be quite game changing, as previous games were dependent on fixed landscape), or in a limited form, like only certain pieces of land or only as specific miracles. And yeah, I already learned about camera rotation long ago, though sadly, it was too late as I already finished Black & White.