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Hell mode for Norse Land Full 1.0.0


Jun 21, 2012
MigX submitted a new resource:

Hell mode for Norse Land Full - Hell mode for norse land full available! (Download in description)

Here is the full version of hell gamemode for norse land (land 4).
Still can't upload files to kayssplace, so, here is the download link:


If you experience some glitches, let me know it, Enjoy!

Please, comment my work :)

PD: isn't just a map, its map, audio,balance and image files, so thats makes the hell mode

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Nope, this is not a map, is a mod, contains lanscape, balance and audio files, so, thats in the right section :) and thanks!!
I tried it today - amazing! Great concept, but it seems a bit too extreme putting all the sirens in every corner... I haven't tried getting past the 1st one yet but I have a feeling it'll prove to be difficult hehe

Good job! But do ease a bit on the wonders...I think the balance files are enough in my opinion.
Thanks, the sirens ar good 4 control your city, and balances r extremely with wonders and fire miracles, cuz, if you shot a fireball in a tree, u can take this tree, and put in the enemy armies amd kill them easily :) so, thats all, enjoy it, japanesse land soon!
What do you mean by 'control for your city'? Also shouldn't there be scripts to use those sirens, especially with a 'faction' that doesn't necessarily have any wonders to start with?
Noo, haha, the enemy influence with the sirens control your city, you can only build in these terrain, but cannot expand your influence ring to across another sites, :)
Hey! :;): It seems that the link has been removed from Mediafire. Could you resurrect it?
In the current link it says the following:
"Well, looks like we can’t go any further

The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service.

This file has been taken down on 2015-08-05 by:

File Name: HELL MODE NORSE LAND.rar (12.08 MB)

Company: Nintendo of America Inc.
Email: *************
Address: 4600 150th Avenue N.E., Redmond, WA 98052
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(Have you used Nintendo music?)  :shocked
I'm resurrecting from my graveyard haha!

yeah, i will re upload this, and continue doing mods here, even if i am the only one left in this comunity  :yourock: