halp, weird thing in my base


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Mar 24, 2006
my creature was throwing fireballs over a wall at some troops, and a bit later I found some weird fire orb in the trees near where he was fighting :x (second japanese land)
I noticed those orbs (lights) in the trees last year. Are you Good God?

I noticed them once after that and thought it had something to do with aligment rather than the time of year.
yes, I am a good god, but its like, on a random location and doesnt seem to have any use.
I thought it only occured in certain types of trees. But I went through the textures and didn't see anything obvious.
Ahhh... the Christmas Lights Epic. Forgot about that one. :D

Just did some testing on a map of the First Japanese Land. Using the trainer I changed ny alignment to good and the trees closest to the town centre where the ground was blooming started to glow.

So it is an alignment thing. :yes

Sorry, I was off-track on this. :blush

The orb you're refering to is that the glow in the middle of the pic you posted?
it is indeed! I put a red circle around it to make it more visible!
Ohh.. I thought that was a fireball your creature was throwing.

I don't know what that could be, But I know the physics are a bit screwed up on that land. The beach ball does some weird things.
i've...SORTOF...had that happen to me before...but not with the creature.

when i was spamming dropping water balls on trees and pressing "m" quickly, one of the water balls would just float away 0_o and i would pick it up and try to drop it again but it'd disappear... lol but i don't think this is the same thing that you're experiencing....
nah I had my tornado cast on me long ago, I also tried to put out the orb with water, but no luck :p mb my creature laid an egg!
Is it still there if you reload a saved game?
yes, it is. I bet this is one of the mysteries in life no one will ever discover.
your creature prolly through the fireball into the wall it rebounded back and it got stuck and couldnt move. So the rest of the fire couldnt burn out making it in orb in the middle of nowhere.. I had it happen to me. I actually though it was cool. 1. It was in the middle of my town and it looked like a awesome culturel thing. 2. ITS A GIANT BALL OF FIRE
That sounds like a logical explanation. :yes