Getting wolf early.


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Jul 14, 2020
I've just installed Black and White after 18 years and it gives me even more fun than before. I've also installed the fan patch and now I can exchange my creature to rhino, but I always wanted a wolf. Is it possible to edit a file or something to replace rhino with wolf at the creature breeders house?

Greetings from Poland.
Hey, I am so happy to hear that BnW has brought you some fun.
I found the best way to change your creature early on is by using a mod, you can download it from this site. It is much easier than doing the editing yourself.
The one I use is found here: You paste the location of your creature's Mind File (located in the game folder Scripts/CreatureMind), and you can directly edit your Creature.
Make sure your Creature is outside of the Temple before using it.
I have attached a photo of how mine looks. Run the mod when the game is closed, edit your Creature, then open your game.

Greetings from South Africa!


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