Game-Crash when converting a village


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Dec 14, 2015
hey, i think this is a well known bug and everybody experienced this once. sometimes when you convert a village, the game will just crash and if you didn't quicksave or save a lot of your progress is gone. now this isn't really a problem to me in single player, because i try to quicksave every 5 minutes, but it's extremely annoying in multiplayer. we could be having an intense fight or whatever and  then you convert a village.. and the game crashes. i wanted to ask if there is anything you can do against the game crashing? was it always like this or is this a problem with newer operating systems? usually the first hour in multiplayer goes really well (usually), but after that i feel like i'm taking a huge risk when converting a village. thanks for you help in advance! btw, we made a discord for b&w if somebody wants to join it. . we use the bwclient from king warg to play there .
I need crash logs! I can find the issue if you provide me with them.

Are you using my fan patch?
Hi. After 4 years, is there any solution? i have same problem. game works totally fine on windows 10 with fan pach 1.42 and it dont always crashes when converting a village (i could live with the problem, i am saving often) but just for info, is there a solution? thx