Feeling like an idiot? Same.


New member
Jun 28, 2021
Okay so. I have been looking for this game for years.
Ever since I first played this as a kid, I've been dying to get that itch this game has left. Mostly B&W 2.
I just about died when I saw there was still an active community for this game where people can actually play the game on win10.

So here's my issue. I lost my disk years ago, found a new one in cex that was unopened and then lost that too so I can't even make a workaround for the disk version, although I can order one if I'm advised by you lovely people that it's my best option.
I've always been useless at sourcing older working games to download. Downloading cracked games online gives me anxiety, terrified I'll screw myself on the various bad sites all over the place. I've searched my go to (fitgirl) for B&W but they don't seem to have it.
Can someone point me in the right direction to download the base game then I can go through the various threads and guides to make it run via this community?

Plz no bully I'm an idiot with these things.