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Extreme Growth Map 1.0.0


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Mar 21, 2003
Gremxula submitted a new resource:

Extreme Growth Map - Extreme Creature Growth Nightime Map & Guide

Enemies: noneCreatures : noneLandscape: dance.ind (included)Possibly the best map for growing your creature. Can grow a creature incredibly fast and also has many toys and heaps of food so you can just leave your your creature alone without any disturbances.Note:Do read the ReadMe.txt file for more info on how to use this map. As well, discusion regarding this map can be found in this threadComments by: Shalquar

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This map responsible for the Sheep o' Death critter being huge :p
This isnt working for me! Everytime I click on it on skirmish map it loads for 2 seconds then it capoots! It gives me an error and my game exits! What am I doing wrong?

>> make sure that the dance.lnd file is in the proper folder. Read the readme.txt file for the proper location.
I can't find the Growth specks in the Statistics??? What happened to mine?


Answer: You need to go into a skrmish map (more than one player) and get your creature into his pen before checking the stats.
I dled the map into the right place but don't see it on skirmish. Do I have to control a realm to do it?
Great map. (I tossed the toys into the ocean so he sleeps more)He might not like me 2 much tho
Great map, Throw toys in water and go man full growth overnight, i fell asleep woke up and bam!!!!
I really wanna give props to this helpful Skirmish... But I just can't seem to get it to show up in my Skirmish Menu? I strictly followed the Read Me and additional instructions. Does anyone know if Creature Wizard or Custom Tats would disrupt the proper useage of this wonderful Skirmish? Any info is greatly appreciated! - (btw sorry for posting here but I can't even get into the "pre-registration forum" -Thanx!!! †Crucifix†
this is great,but my new tiger doesn't grow nearly as fast as you ppl say.when it wakes up,it eats the closest thing,normally grain.then it goes back to i missing something?
So i used it and all i can say is WOW!, bigest goodie ape ive ever seen is now mine(he might be nice to my people, but he will happily use mega blast on yours=P
Try this. Put the grain in the pen. Leash the creature tot he grain and set his leash length to within the pen. You creature will sleep alot wake up adn eat then go back to sleeping. THis is working unbelieable well for me! My creature has alreayd doubled his size and is well on his way to become full grown. I am in love with this map and whoever made it or helped make it in anyways shape or form.
can some1 help me ???? how do i install tthis ????????

unzip the file and read the readme.txt file included.
i have every file in the right place and when i try to go one extremegrowth map it will not work. it says you are preforming an illeagle operation and is shutting down. what is it?