Every time a new Start


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Nov 7, 2021
Hello everybody, i'm in truble with this issue wich avoids me to play this game:
Every time i start the game I see this screen: EVERY TIME!Screenshot (1).png

I can choose only between these options and even if i go into the temple to save the game, every time I run B&W it starts from here losing every progress I have made.
I can only save inside the temple and every time the game starts from that screen, what should Ido?
My guess would be that you installed the game to Program Files and modern Windows won't let the game write files there. Try running the game as an Administrator (not usually a safe thing to do) OR install the game to a folder that Windows doesn't protect (this is the usual recommended solution for old games, I use a folder in C:/games/ for each game) OR give yourself full control over the game folder.