ERROR: Bonus Level - (Crack doesn't work either)


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Nov 8, 2007

I just beat the game and made certain to obtain each statue during the 3 games and then beat the last land and selected to exit.

I did not receive a bonus level option, menu bar, or button.

I attempted the readme change and by changing map to oldmap.txt and bmap.txt to map.txt, I unfortunately received a critical error on load up of new profile and after I selected my alignment and new creature with the profile the game tried to load the first map (no bonus map loading screen) and then it had a critical error and crashed.

I attempted to change map.txt to "bmap.txt" and vice versa, and that also caused the problem.

I would like a solution or fix to this, please.

I tried playing through again and that didn't work, even by selecting all the statues yet again.

- Dels
Hello Dels and welcome to the forums. If I am to understand you correctly, you are playing on a cracked version of the game.  Is that right?

Leaving aside the fact that we don't condone cracking games here, I would also say that cracked games can behave unpredictably and that would be the most likely reason fo the game not granting you access to the bonus land.

If you have the original CD/DVD or can get one, I would advise using that and see how you get on.

If I'm wrong and you actually experienced this while playing it off the disc, then I would suggest you make sure you have the game fully pacthed up and see if that helps :;): .
Hello, and thank you for replying.

No no no...

I used the "crack" which means fix to the .txt's that Kay posted and that also didn't work.

To my knowledge, no patches for BOTG have been released.

Perhaps I didn't word it properly.

I am saying that with a valid install and disk, the bonus menu does not appear, and the "work around" does not work.

- Dels
As far as I know to reach the bonus land. You need...
A virgin profile.
Where people go wrong is re-using an old profile.
With a new profile collect the statue and win L1.
Then do the same in L2 . On L3 all you need to do is collect the statue Bonus land Guaranteed.
I used the "crack" which means fix to the .txt's that Kay posted and that also didn't work.

If that's what I posted in the Bonus Land thread. Start a new profile for it. You do need to start a new game for it to work. And you won't have a choice in creatures, it's the turtle by default.
Hello, and thank you for replying.

Yes, but to make a new game you do have to choose a creature, and I made a new profile and it still crashed when loading, so that is not working.

I am curious as to why I am not getting my bonus map, can't use the "work around".

- Dels
If you change the map.txt file then it will take you straight to the bonus land. You don't  pass GO and get to collect a creature. You'll get the turtle by default. That's why I recommend starting a new profile to do this.

The map.txt file tells the game where to start. Normally it points at the first land. After that your progress is kept in your saves. If you change that destination then you can go straight to any land in the game. Without a creature though. That's how the player made maps are used. But they do have a creature select script written in them.
Thank you for replying, however...

It doesn't do that for me, I followed your instructions to the letter and made a new profile and chose everything new and started the new game and it showed the loading screen for the first map and after it finished loading it crashed, without even showing me the map.

- Dels.
That shouldn't be happpening like that. The only thing I can think of is that there's a corrupt file. Uninstall and then reinstall BoTG start a new profile and see if the game will run on with it first before going back to an old profile.
Do you have the Addon ? Battle Of Gods ?

Because ehm this land is only there in the addon  in the Real game BAW2 not
I don't know what else to suggest. Especially if the game did play before hand.

Something like this, as I mentioned before, is usually due to a corrupt file. The only thing I can suggest is to uninstall and reinstall. This time backup the save data in My Documents or move it somewhere else. After uninstalling both games, delete all folders and then do a defrag. Re-install BW2 apply both patches and start a new profile. Just get up to the tutorial land. Then install BoTG and see if it will play properly. Then restore your BW2 profiles, You should be able to just add them to the new save folder. Then start a new profile in BoTG using your BW2 creature and see how it goes.

However before you get to far into it, you can try the map.txt file swap trick and see if it works.