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Death Comes to Those Who Wait 1.0.0


Fat Omen

Fat Omen submitted a new resource:

Death Comes to Those Who Wait - A fun skirmish map.

Description: A huge map containing 26 villages and two computer opponents. Comes on a completely new landscape that is highly detailed. Although the map is massive it can be finished in about 15 minutes if you wanted to, as all impressive actions are enhanced to the point of being able to take over a town in a single spell at times. Alternatively of course you can expand these villages into a huge civilisation. But beware don't move soon and you never will. Accross the landscape there are...

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Why is it that I can't play anything made by Fat Omen?
The loading screen always freezes so I am editing his script myself to remove anything that looks wrong.
u need to put the landscape file into the lionhead studios LTD\BLACK & white\data\lanscape\multi-player file if u just put into the lanscape folder ti wont work
its good how u put the heps of food in the first town and wood but it crashes and theres bit and peaces that u can see right throw the land so i give it a 3 out of ten bye the way love the way those litlle house fight lol nice job at that.
Recommend turning down the influence rate if you intend to play this as an epic map. As is you capture towns just be walking your creature into them, so the whole map is literally who can send their creature across the world as fast as possible.