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CreatureStats 1.0.0

it says it cant find the files... it does not work... what am i doing wrong?
In order to use this you have to have your creature outside its pen (so it is the normal size) and then direct this to the creatures script in C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios LTD\Black_White\scripts\creaturemind\(whatever your creatures mind is here). To find the exact location i used cache's creature canger to find the location then typed it in.
I got mine workin you just write in C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios ltd\Black & White\scripts\creaturemind\ and then your creature here. If you go into the file yourself you should be able to copy in the code for your creature. Its the first one in the list of names and dont forget to add .erc to the end.
Cache, please make this for Black and White 2. Everyone is trying but they havent had much luck. Maybe you could take a crack at it and make some peoples lives easier.
i download this file and it say it is 995 Kb but it i only download like 35Kb and it says it is complete and i have a corupted zi file which i cant extract or open HELP!!! plz
Took a few pokes to figure it out, but it does what it says!
Just wish there was an easier way to figure what creature was which. Hehe ^^
Is this like the caCHE CREATURE CHANGER...

sorry caps lock on lol
erm its says could not find valid data creature is out of his pen
and the game is saved (out of the pen as well) but it still says it!
what do i do??
Probably, but some of the changes might not take effect until you change lands/go into a skirmish map/restart the game.
Ummm i new and i cant figure out the CreatureStat program. Like what do i put after C:program Files (x86)Lionhead Studios LtdBlack & WhiteScriptsCreatureMind(Here) ..... Like i went to creature mind and it say like computercontrolcreature and such. But what code?
Hey with this can u have like 100% strength al the time or is this for like hunger tierd and damge?
No, I believe this only tells you your creature's stats, like alignment, strength, fatness, etc. I don't think this can edit them.

If you download CachePackX and Update3 for it, I know that has programs in it that let you change your creature's strength, as well as his hunger, tiredness, and damage.
Actually, I believe this can change the states also. 

If memory serves, Cache made this as a tidier collection of the most popular changes that CachePackX can make.  It's been years since I ever used it, but it was quite a cleaner program than the other one.
Thanks, this one is way more effective than the other one.
For some reason, I can't get the CachePackX to work...
This one is an excellent replacement, though! :)
For some reason this stopped working for me, and keeps giving me the "valid pointer" error.

It worked fine a couple of days ago, and my creature is not in it's pen.