Creature Alignment Gallery


Staff member
Jun 24, 2011
I've never been able to find a gallery of decent quality images of all the creatures as neutral, good and evil, so I decided to take some screen captures myself. Provided below are some gallery links as well as download links to a .7z archive of the original images.

All of these images are taken on Land 1, on the hills near the path you start the game on. The creatures are all height 50-51, fatness 50, and strength 49-50. The slight variances occur because time is passing while you're trying to get them in position to take the screenshot, but the gist of it is that they're all basically the same and set to be a kind of "generic" or "basic" stat set. (Also, as a fun fact, they're all staring at a sheep held in the god's hand just out of frame.) They aren't perfect or all exactly the same, but hopefully they should be better than what's already available online.

I know I hadn't seen several of these before so hopefully it's interesting to some of you, too.