Celtic Wonder Not Working?


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Jun 3, 2022
Greetings. I found this forum due to a Google search to try to get my "fresh from eBay" copy of BnW working (your guide helped me get it working perfectly, thank you!). Now I can enjoy the game that I missed for the last 10+ years.

However, going back through the game again, I was surprised to discover that once I got to the third land, when I built a celtic wonder, it didn't give me the bonuses that I would expect. After I built the Norse wonder, every time I used a miracle like Food or Wood, it would say "Norse power!" and a swirly text would show up.

However, I'm not seeing that with the celtic wonder, and I also don't seem to be getting any boost from it. Is this a known bug, or did I do something wrong, or do I need to do something in particular to "activate" the wonder? I didn't have to activate the Norse one, it just started working the moment it was built!

Thanks in advance...
Heya! I did a little research since I hadn't played in awhile. Nothing for bugs stood out but. This is what I found for the wonder's function, according to the wiki. Hopefully this helps. If not, we can keep digging. :)

Celtic Wonder:​

Increases the power of nature miracles (such as forest) and weather miracles (such as storm). Each Miraculous Tree provides lots and lots of wood. (*note, the game states "trees provide more wood". However, normal grown trees will NOT increase their wood amount. Only trees from the Miracle Forest yield increased wood amounts).