Can't control creature fights


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Dec 5, 2016

So I can't seem to take control of creature fights. Even if I have the camera tracking my creature, I leash him to the enemy and follow him in, I'm left watching the AI control the fight, usually with disastrous results.

I was super-keen to lead my creature to revenge on Lethys' creature at the end of Land 3, but the poor fella just kept getting hammered even more. Now I'm on land 4 and I actually need to win to progress the plot. What am I missing? How do I control creature battles?
It can be a bit buggy at the best of times.  But as memory serves, if you zoom into the fight enough, the controls should kick in.
Ok, thanks for your help, I'll try that.

(I am Orabilis - I can't log in though.)
(I am Orabilis - I can't log in though.)
I'm guessing you've forgotten your password, and since the website cannot send emails you are unable to change it.

I can change your password for you then send you a personal message via your Gebre account with your new password, then you can login again. You'll probably want to change the password to something else.

Now we don't normally allow users to have 2 accounts, so I will have to remove which ever account you don't want to use. In other words, I can change your password and you can start using your Orabilis again and I'll remove the Gedre account, or you can continue using your Gebre account and I'll remove Orabilis.