BW2 Modding Small bug list


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Mar 1, 2016
Hello everyone, currently I seem to hit some limits with the bw2 modding tools and ran into issues which I can't fix. I hope that maybe some of you guys might now a fix or a direction how to fix it.

[list type=decimal]
[*]First there are two problems with land ids. One is major and one minor. First the major one: The function "load my_creature at coord_expression" does not seem to work if the land id is beyond 11. The minor one: In the top left corner the villagers counter does not work on lands with a land id beyond 11.
[*]Since I found a way to include BOTG-Dialogues into the game, I wanted to add the subtitles for it. Sadly with the current modding tools it's not possible to add new localization to the game. For this I would've to add new strings to the file bw2text.bin. I was only able to change existing strings using a Hex-Editor.

I might add more issues I find out about. My typical routine was first to search the whole bw2 folder for key-words related with the bug with agent ransack. And searching the white.exe from top to bottom with a hex editor to maybe find the rough file I have to changed to fix stuff.

EDIT: Fix for load my_creature:
Script example when loading a land with the id 2002:
        disable game can be lost
        run map script line "SET_LAND_NUMBER(2001)"
        wait 1.5 seconds 
        release MyCreature
        MyCreature = get player 0 creature
        if MyCreature exists
            save my_creature
        end if
        wait 1.5 seconds
        load map "./Data/Landscape/BW2/land2002.bwe"