blurry issues


New member
Feb 28, 2016
i am experiencing focusing issues where i zoom in and out ,but the odd part is if i middle click and move it up and down it focuses  :help
Could you post some screen shots of this focusing problem? It'd really help in picturing whats happening.

There could be a problem with the way your graphics are configured, but I have to see the problem before I can be of any use to you.
here is the link for the blurry problem

That is super funky, are your graphics drivers/program (ATI Control Panel or nVidia) doing any depth of field adjustments? I've never seen the game do this on it's own before.
here are my specs
intel i7 4790k
r9 390x
msi gaming 5
16 gb 1600mhz

and i decided to play the game for a bid and i noticed that its only happens so far only on the tutorial island
not sure what  did really i just changes settings willy nilly and whet to the beta drivers of the crimson amd but thanks for the help i guess  :fixed
i can confirm that anti aliasing is the cause of my problem aswell is there any fix that can resolve other then disabling it ??